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New Semester Routine


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The perfect time is now


A new semester is a fresh start and could be the ideal time to take control of your life and embed a healthy new routine. But where to start?


There are all sorts of actions that can help to revamp your health and wellness, but contrary to what the dodgy internet ads say, there is no one activity that drives instant results. Experts advise that a consistent routine featuring regular physical and mental activity, nutritious meals and consistent sleep is key.


We all need varying degrees of routine to function at our optimum, and the benefits associated with routine are embedded from a very young age.


As we age we continue to thrive on the consistency of routine. Structuring each day makes it easier to stick to regular exercise and nutritious eating, it also helps with mental wellness, alleviating stress and building confidence, productivity and focus.


So, what is a good routine? A healthy routine is any routine that works for you and features regular physical and mental activity, nutritious meals and consistent sleep.


One of the first steps to nailing a healthy routine is to identify good and bad habits. Some habits – like preparing a nutritious breakfast the night before – are great time-saving hacks or energy-boosting activities. Others – like repetitively snoozing your alarm – can be inefficient and mentally detrimental. Once you focus on what’s good and what's bad it’s as simple as reducing the bad habits and replacing them with good ones. But go easy and make just one or two changes at a time.  



  • Be consistent with your sleep
  • Fuel your body with nutritious food
  • Figure out your preferred exercise time
  • Use mindfulness or meditation to help focus 
  • Follow a workout plan and keep exercise varied – check out our full range of group fitness classes, or chat to one of our Personal Trainers for a customised programme that suits you