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Can I buy casual day passes?

Casual Day Passes are available for purchase at Reception. They are $30 for a single entry or you can purchase a 10 visit concession card for $250.

Can I purchase a membership as a gift?

Great idea. Clubs offer a range of gift options for you to give and can discuss with you exactly how you'd like to manage the process.

Can I use different Les Mills gyms around the country?

If you have purchased a multi club membership alll you need to do is present your Les Mills membership key tag or card at reception of the club you're visiting and they'll welcome you in.

Do you have women’s only gyms?

What's important is that you feel comfortable in your workout environment. For that reason we give you a choice in a number of our clubs. You can exercise in our main mixed gym areas or workout in a Women's Only area designed by women for women. 


We have Women's Only gyms in: 


  • Les Mills Auckland City
  • Les Mills New Lynn
  • Les Mills Hutt City
  • Les Mills Taranaki Street
  • Les Mills Christchurch
How can I introduce a friend to Les Mills?

Simply walk in the door with them. As a member you have unlimited privileges to bring different guests along for up to two complimentary work-outs at your home club. All we ask is that they sign a waiver form when they arrive and that they workout with you. What better way for them to experience the club!

How much does it cost to go to Les Mills?

Around the country we have a range of different membership options. The price depends on how long you'd like to commit to and which club you'd like to belong to. Our Joining Fee is normally $29. Check out our club pages to see what options and prices are available.

How soon can I start?

Now. You can start right away. Purchase your membership online now or pick up the phone and dial 0800 LES MILLS, or simply run, walk or jog to the Les Mills club nearest you and we'll get you started.

I don’t really know my way around a gym – do you have an ‘induction’ as such?

Your Membership Consultant will show you around the gym before your first visit so you’re familiar with the layout and will know where to find everything.

You can also invest in a Personal Trainer who can help you motivate towards your goals – find out more here.

Can I put my membership on hold if I want to go away on holiday?

Depending on the type of membership you have, you may have the option of Pausing your membership for a while. For instance, if you joined after 1 August 2023 on a standard membership that has a minimum term of 1 months or more, you can Pause for up to 5 weeks in a membership year. Check your membership agreement to see what Pause benefit you might have and the conditions that apply to it.


Click here to see steps for how to place your membership on Pause using the Member Portal. Something to note: when you Pause it does not reduce your Minimum Period, which is extended by your Pause period.


For further assistance please contact the Member Services Team - [email protected] 

What's included with my membership?

All the best that Les Mills has to offer; unlimited access to your club, plus our fitness classes are all available free of charge and are included in your weekly membership. Les Mills RPM®, SPRINT® and THE TRIP® classes are now free forever! If you purchase a Multi Club membership, you will also have access to all our other gyms across New Zealand.

Where are you located?

Les Mills clubs are located throughout New Zealand's metropolitan cities. Check out our club pages here to find the one nearest to you and how to get there.

Class Bookings

What is a class booking?

A class booking allows you to reserve a spot in our classes where there is a limit on the amount of people who can attend. Classes which need to be booked in advance are live CYCLE classes (Sprint, RPM, The Trip), CEREMONY and CONQUER.

What is a no-show?

A no-show is defined as not showing up for a booked class or failing to cancel at least 60 minutes before the start time.

What is the penalty?

2 x no-shows to any booked class within a 14 day period will result in you being blocked from booking classes for 14 days. Any future bookings you have for bookable classes will also be cancelled.

Can I pay a penalty fee instead?

Yes, you can opt to pay a penalty fee of $10 at reception which will release any restrictions on your bookings. You will need to then rebook future classes that were cancelled from your profile.  

What classes does this apply to?

The penalties apply for live CYCLE classes as well as other bookable classes with restricted numbers like CEREMONY and CONQUER.

How do I cancel my class in the app?

- Select the class you’d like to cancel by tapping the white circle to the left of the class description. Once selected, a trash can icon will appear at the bottom-right-corner of the screen, click on that and a pop-up will ask whether you want to cancel or keep the booking. When you click ‘cancel booking’ the class should then be removed from your schedule.

- The other way is to click anywhere on the class in your schedule, you’ll be taken to see further details about the class and there’s a ‘cancel class’ button you can select. A pop-up will appear and ask whether you want to cancel or keep the booking. When you click ‘cancel booking’ the class should then be removed from your schedule.

What is a live CYCLE class?

A live CYCLE class, is a CYCLE class with a Group Fitness Instructor. Bookings are not required for Virtual CYCLE classes and therefore no-show penaltys do not apply.

Les Mills At Home

What is Les Mills at Home?

On the back of our popular at home workouts during Lockdown, we’ve created a new, more permanent version of Les Mills at Home. The new Les Mills at Home features over 150 workouts, all available through the member portal, and all part of your Les Mills membership – at no extra cost to you.

What sort of workouts are on Les Mills at Home?

There’s something for everyone. Group Fitness favourites like BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT®, BODYATTACK®, GRIT® Cardio, Strength and Athletic, LES MILLS CORE® and BODYBALANCE – in 15, 30, 45 and 55-minute durations. There are also online exclusives like LES MILLS WELNESS® (including meditation and breath work sessions) and Yoga. You'll also find our CYCLE programmes too, like RPM®, THE TRIP® and SPRINT® as well as the dance/cardio favourite SH'BAM®.

Who can use it – and how much does it cost?

Les Mills at Home is included in all Les Mills memberships. If you’re interested in joining Les Mills, find out more here.

How often are workouts updated?

Les Mills at Home is refreshed every three months, as we replace some older workouts with new ones.

Is Les Mills at Home available on the Les Mills New Zealand App?

Not yet, Les Mills at Home can’t be accessed through the app just yet, however you can use it on your phone by logging in using your mobile browser.

Can I download or share the Les Mills at Home workouts?

No, Les Mills at Home is just for streaming.

If I leave Les Mills can I still use Les Mills at Home?

Les Mills at Home is part of a Les Mills membership so when your membership ends, so does your access to Les Mills at Home. However, if you’re looking to still get your Les Mills fix, then our premium digital offering of Les Mills on Demand is the one for you. 

How is Les Mills at Home different from LES MILLS+?

LES MILLS+ is a separate online platform with unlimited access to over 1,000 workouts. LES MILLS+ is where you’ll find the latest release Les Mills workouts, fitness challenges, and more! Les Mills at Home is a smaller selection of workouts from older releases from the past few years and it uses royalty free music.

What does that mean for my current LES MILLS+ subscription?

This doesn’t change anything when it comes to your current LES MILLS+ subscription. Keep using it and carry on with your subscription if you still want access to 1,000+ workouts!

How can I access Les Mills at Home and on what devices?

You can access Les Mills at Home through the member portal on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You can also access Les Mills at Home via your Smart TV by logging in to using your TV’s browser. You can also cast Les Mills at Home to your Apple TV from your iOS device.

I've never registered for the Member Portal, how can I do that?

Click here and enter your Member ID and date of birth. Then you'll receive an email asking you to set your password.

Is Les Mills at home mobile-friendly?

Yes, just head to on your mobile browser, log in, then select ‘At Home’ from the dropdown menu.

Can I Chromecast Les Mills at Home?

Unfortunately not, but we’re looking into how we can make this happen.

What video platform does Les Mills at Home run on?

Les Mills at Home uses Vimeo.

I’ve having trouble logging in to the member portal – who do I contact for help?

If you’re having trouble logging in, or with anything to do with Les Mills at Home, please fill out this form.

Les Mills+

Is it true that Les Mills on Demand is becoming LES MILLS+?

It is true! Les Mills On Demand will be called Les Mills + from October 4, 2021. Your login information and app remains the same, you don’t need to do a thing. 

Why the change to LES MILLS +?

When COVID sparked a massive digital fitness boom LES MILLS On Demand was well primed to leverage it. It grew exponentially, all around the world, and things have been thriving. 

Les Mills + is much more than just workouts ‘on demand’. They are the industry’s only omnichannel fitness experience. We deliver world-leading content; powered by science to maximize results, crafted to incredible music, and presented by some of the world’s leading instructors. Now more than ever, we need a platform that can match up to this.  

What will LES MILLS + give me that Les Mills on Demand doesn’t?

This is not just a name change – it is so much more. Les Mills + subscribers are set to get more personalisation, more tracking, more motivation, more rewards, and more results. And there’s even more in the pipeline.

As a member, do I get a discount for Les Mills on Demand / LES MILLS +?

Yes, you do! If you want the complete Les Mills + experience, you can sign up as an existing Les Mills gym member, and get 20% off.

I am already subscribed to Les Mills on Demand, will my monthly payment stay the same?

No. Recurring payments for existing subscribers will remain the same for as long as you remain subscribed. You can check your billing details any time on your account page.

Can I use my LES MILLS On Demand login for LES MILLS+

Yes! Existing login details will work across both LES MILLS On Demand and LES MILLS+, for both the app and web platforms.

Where do I go to sign up to LES MILLS +?

Head here to learn more and sign up.

Where do I go if I’ve got more questions about LES MILLS +?

Click here to read through the Les Mills + FAQ.

I am a LMNZ gym member and used to subscribe to LES MILLS On Demand. Why has the price changed?

We have now included Les Mills at Home as part of your gym membership. This is a selected range of Les Mills workouts you can do at home. LES MILLS+ is our premium online offering, with over 1,000 workouts including the latest releases and music. 

Can I pay the price I used to pay?

Out of fairness to all our members, the new plan prices apply to those new to LES MILLS+ and those re-subscribing to LES MILLS+. Former members who want to resubscribe can return on the monthly offer available at the time of resubscribing. Historic prices are not available again.

I am an instructor, and I am currently paying for LES MILLS On Demand. Will my price change?

No. Recurring payments for all existing subscribers will remain the same for as long as you remain a subscriber. You can check your billing details any time on your LES MILLS+ Account page.



What is a Fit3d Body scan? 

Our Fit3D Body scanner provides you with a body analysis comprising hundreds of metrics and images in one 40 second scan. You can share this data with your PT who’ll help you with programmes to achieve your fitness goals. 


How does it work? 

The scanner works by using a ‘non-invasive, near infrared camera’ with a standard image sensor. It takes around 24,000 photos of you and then uses a precise algorithm to determine your measurements. Our Fit3D places you in the same position every time you come in for a scan so you can truly compare your images over time. 


What does the scan measure? 

  • Measurements 

Fit3D tracks your body measurements at each scan. Measurements include: neck, bust (for women), chest (for men), biceps, forearm, waist, thigh, hip, and calf. You can use your measurements in any way you like and monitor changes over time to see where you are gaining or losing inches! 

  • Complete Posture Analysis 

Our Fit3D Body Scan provides a thorough analysis of your posture. The Fit3D Body Scan posture report includes an analysis of your balance and evaluation of your head, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankle positioning to show where your posture may need improvement.  

  • Body Shape Rating (BSR) 

Fit3D has created a formula that uses information about your body to create a score called a Body Shape Rating (BSR). Your BSR is compared against other people with similar age, height, sex, and weight. Increasing the density of your body by lowering your body fat and increasing your muscle will improve your BSR over time. 


How long will each test take? 

The scan itself takes less than 60 seconds! Plan to be in the gym for about 15 minutes for your first Fit3D Body Scan. Subsequent visits only take about 5 minutes. 


How much does it cost? 

A Fit3D scan costs $29 per scan. 


How do I book it in? 

Visit here to book your scan today. 


Where do I go for my scan? 

The scan swtiches between our Les Mills Takapuna and Auckland City clubs which are currently the only clubs with a body scanner. Details on which club the scanner is currenlty at and to book can be found here


When and how do I get my results? 

Your confidential analytics are sent directly to your email, or a handy app, to help you identify issues and monitor your progress. 


How should I prepare for my scan? 

  • Please don’t perform vigorous exercise 2 hours prior to your test, however you are completely fine to exercise straight afterwards 

  • If you’ve got long hair, you’ll need to tie their hair in a bun 

  • Do not have a large meal or drink large amounts within 2 hours of your test 


Who is a Fit3D scan suitable for? 

  • People working towards weight loss goals or body transformations. 

  • Athletes wanting to track changes in measurements  

  • Men and women that need accurate measurements for clothing shopping – several brands integrate with Fit3D to ensure a great fit! 

  • Competitive bodybuilders tracking changes in body appearance during off season or during contest prep. 


Is the Fit3D Body Composition Scanner safe?   

Yes! The 3D cameras use the same technology as Microsoft Kinect, which has over 20 million users in the USA alone. It is even safe for those who are pregnant or who have artificial implants/joints. 

When you stand on the scanner platform it will rotate very slowly. By the end of 2018 over 1,000,000 people had been tested on the scanner and there had been no reports of anyone falling off. 


What should I wear for a Fit3D Body Scan? 

Because your report will include detailed measurements of your body, it’s best to wear as little clothing as you’re comfortable with. Some people choose to wear form-fitting athletic wear like leggings and a sports bra. Others choose to do their scan in underwear or even nude. You always have full privacy during your scan and your images are never shared with our staff unless you specifically choose to do so. We suggest avoiding compression clothes for the most accurate measurements. 


Who will see my test results? 

Using your private online login, your 3D images will only be seen by you. Your measurements (numbers) and the outline of your body will be seen by your testing technician. Your full name (no other details) will be listed on our client database. Les Mills Fit3D approved personal trainers will have access to this list. This allows them to request access to their members/clients results. If you accept someone’s request (via an email to you) to view your results they will have full access to them.