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What’s your day job?

I work in Transport Planning and Engineering – I manage a team of road safety design specialists at a nationwide transport and geospatial consultancy. 

What got you into teaching / inspires you with fitness?

What I love about group fitness is that everyone has their own unique story. I did not come from an athletic background. I often struggled with everyday things such as shopping (I still sometimes need help with that one), phone calls, or going to pay a bill at the bank, and I was too scared to join a gym as I thought it was made for people who were different from me and I would feel out of place. 

Later in life I discovered I have boundless energy and needed an outlet; one day when my best friend Shane (another one) invited me to his BODYPUMP class I instantly fell in love with the feeling of moving to music with a group of people all there for the same reason and in support of each other – no social hierarchy, no bullying, no assumptions, just joy and movement. I felt connection and purpose and it wasn’t long before I asked if I might be able to join my friend in teaching. Since then I have not had a moment of boredom in my life!
My inspiration nowadays comes from the people who turn up to participate in classes – having come from a place where I thought walking into a gym was impossible, I know the kinds of barriers that people can face when entering an unfamiliar space or starting a new activity that seems to come naturally to others but not to oneself. I care a lot about accessibility and making fitness as inclusive as possible, and I am constantly trying to better myself in the way I present classes and help people on board.

What do you teach and why?

I love variety so I teach quite a few programs! My current schedule includes BODYPUMP, LES MILLS CORE, STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT and LES MILLS SHAPES. I really love coaching strength-based workouts as I believe strength training should be inclusive and fun, and it’s so rewarding seeing people get stronger over time. Special shout out for LES MILLS CORE as for a 30-minute workout the bang-for-your-buck in terms of benefits for the time spent in class is extraordinary!

Why Les Mills?

Quite simply the best group fitness experiences in the world, with the best music and the best people putting their all into creating life-changing workouts. It’s a huge privilege to teach these programs and to do my part to connect people to movement. On a personal note, I admire that Les Mills unapologetically leads with their heart on issues of inclusivity and respect for human differences. 

What’s a motivational quote you live by?

Vulnerability is power, and compassion is strength.
-    Paraphrased from various sources but some credit has to go to Brene Brown

Any other fun facts?

Just in case it wasn’t abundantly clear that I’m a nerd, I have two unique claims to nerdery:
1.    I scored103% on a science test at school (ask me how)
2.    I was slapped by someone who was upset that I edged out her top score on a maths quiz when she thought she’d done enough to ‘win’ (I didn’t know we were competing!)
I also know a lot about volcanoes and rollercoasters, and I have a ginger cat called Ginger