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Our Auckland City has been around since 1975 and in that time the gym has seen records broken, classes started, personal bests smashed and of course thousands of kilos lifted and millions of calories burnt.

We know we can make the club, bigger, brighter and better for you. This year will see the beginning of major renovations, starting with the building of a new multi-storey 333 carpark building where the Wellesley St carpark is.

It'll make it even easier for you to visit the club - no more walking from Sale St - and be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

In order to build it though we do need to close some areas unfortunately as work takes place around the club, so please check out the latest updates and FAQs.

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Next month work starts on a new multi-level carpark on the Wellesley St side of the gym. Here are answers to what you might want to know...

Latest updates

Update 25 Sepember 2017

The Wellesley St carpark is now closed. Please see Reception for alternative parking options and tips.

This also means you are no longer able to access the club via the Wellesley St carpark back stairs. The best way to access the club is from Victoria St West.

The basketball court is also now permanently closed.