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Auckland City



In order to receive your 90 minutes of complimentary parking, you will need to use the Smart Parking App to validate your parking. Once you swipe into the club, Smart Parking can automatically apply your credit. You will need to ensure that the email address that you use to set up the Smart Parking App is the same one that we have linked to your membership. 


Download the Smart Parking App for Apple or Android.



Please see the video below on how to set up your Smart Parking App or click here to view the step by step instruction guide.



You can prepay and top up through the Smart Parking App. See the video below for further information.



Our six new accessible parks are located in the basement of the Wellesley Street Carpark. The entrance is located opposite the Sale Street intersection.



We have over 160 bicycle parking stations in the basement of the Wellesley Street Carpark. The entrance is located opposite the Sale Street intersection. 



The lane connecting the carpark and the club. Les Mills Lane can be accessed from the basement and level one of the carpark via elevator or stairs. 


Still have questions? Check out the FAQs below or please come and see our helpful Reception team


Before You Park

Are there height restrictions for the carparks?

Yes, 2.2m.

Can I check for available car parks before I arrive?

Yes, you can see the total number of available carparks via the Smart Parking app.

Can I pre-book a car park?

No, you can’t. However, you can see the number of available car parks on the Smart Parking app.

Can I use the Wilson Parkmate app?

Yes, but if you are a member you won’t get your 90 minutes free parking allocated this way.

Do members have allocated parking spaces?

No, there aren't any allocated spaces for Les Mills members.

How do I enter and exit the car park?

Levels one – seven can be accessed via the ramp up from Wellesley Street.  The basement level can be accessed via the ramp down, next to Les Mills Lane.

How do I set up the smart parking app?

Download Smart Parking from the APP store (it has an orange logo). Click on ‘Connect with Email’ and then ‘Free Sign Up’. Set up a username, email and password and then open your email inbox and click the link in the validation email to complete your registration.

Make sure that you use the same email address to set up the Smart Parking app as is registered in our Les Mills database to ensure you get your free 90 minutes.

How long can I park there for?

You can park for free for 90 minutes, once per day.

You can park for up to 4 hours total during business hours, and longer after hours (6pm onwards) and in the weekends.

After your 90 minutes free, or on your second visit of the day, you will need to pay standard parking rates.

I signed up but now I can’t sign in, why is that?

You need to click on a validation link in your email inbox before you can use the Smart Parking app for the first time. Try checking your junk mail if you haven’t received it in your inbox.

Is the car park accessible at all times?

The opening hours are 4.30am-midnight Monday-Friday, and 6am-midnight Saturday and Sunday.

Is there a lift for wheelchairs/prams?

Yes, located next to the main carpark stairwell.

Is there any bike/motorbike/scooter parking available?

Yes – there is free motorbike and scooter parking available in the main carpark, and push bike parking available in the end of journey facility, accessible off Les Mills Lane.

Is there any mobility parking available?

Yes – this will be on the basement level, accessible from Wellesley Street (further down the hill than the main carpark entrance, just next to the Les Mills Lane to Victoria Street).

Until the basement level is open, mobility parking is temporarily located down the hill from the gym on Victoria St, next to Maloney's Barber.

What if I don’t have a smartphone with apps?

There will be an option to log into the Smart Parking app via a tablet at Les Mills Auckland City reception desk. You will need to take note of the bay number that you park in and bring that with you to reception to enter along with your registration and email address. The maximum stay is 90 minutes when using the reception device.

While you park

How can I tell if a carpark is available?

The parks that are available will have green beacons.

How do I end my parking session?

When you drive out of the bay, the sensor will recognise this and end your session for you. You may continue to receive notifications about your free 90mins coming to an end – you can ignore these.

If you would like to, you can select ‘end session’ in the Smart Parking app to stop these notifications.

How do I validate my free parking?

When you arrive, use the Smart Parking APP to select the Wellesley Street Carpark and your bay number (painted on the ground). You will then be given the option of ‘Les Mills Member’ or ‘Public’. To begin your 90 minutes free parking, select ‘Les Mills Member’ and then head to the gym. Your free time will be automatically applied to your parking session when you sign with your key tag, provided your email address is the same between your Les Mills membership and the Smart Parking APP.

Note, your 90 minute parking session will begin from the time you parked your car.

For a video on how to do this, click here.

I didn’t get any notifications to say my free time was coming to an end. Why is that?

You may have dis-allowed notifications from the Smart Parking app (you can adjust this via your phone settings), or you may not have loaded a payment method (see point 5 for instruction).

I signed up for the app, what do I do next?

You need to set up your profile, including vehicle details. Do this by clicking on the menu icon and then your profile, and selecting ‘Add vehicle’. You can add multiple vehicles to your profile this way. Remember that your free parking allocation is linked with your Les Mills membership, not your vehicle.

Next, you should add payment details. Click on the menu icon again and then on ‘Payment’, and add a payment method. Your card will only be charged if you give express permission during your parking session, there is no automatic roll-over function.

Note that if you do not add payment details upon sign-up, you will need to do so before you can top-up a parking session, and without payment details you will not receive the automated notifications to remind you that your session is coming to an end.

If the parking is full, where do I park?

There are other Wilson options available at 156 Victoria Street or Victoria Park Markets carpark, or a Parkmate option at 120 Fanshawe Street. Only the Wellesley Street carpark offers 90mins free for members.

In the event of a problem at the carpark, who do I contact?

The car park is managed by Wilson Parking, not by Les Mills or our staff. If there's an issue, please contact Wilson Parking on 09 375 5080 or 0800 472 7546.

Is there a pay machine?

Yes, there are number plate recognition pay stations in the basement and on level one, near the lift.  These machines are ticketless and payWave friendly. They are credit, debit & EFTPOS accessible. They do not have the ability to take cash.

Note that you cannot activate your 90 minutes free parking via the pay machines.

What happens if I don’t pay?

Wilson Parking will issue a breach notice.

To appeal a breach notice you will have to get in touch with Wilson Parking here.

What happens if I stay longer than 90 minutes?

If you are using the Smart Parking APP, you have three options for paying for additional parking:

  1. If you have selected the Les Mills Member parking option to apply your 90 minutes free parking, you will receive a notification on your smart phone 15 minutes before the end of your free parking session and have the opportunity to confirm whether you’d like to continue with a paid parking session. During business hours (5am-6pm weekdays), you will be able to purchase extra time in increments of 15 minutes, up to a total parking session of 4 hours. After hours and on weekends, additional time will be charged at the night rate.
  2. If you have selected the Les Mills member parking option and want to add additional time before you receive these notifications, you can do this at any time by clicking on ‘top-up’ in your current parking session.
  3. If you would like to pay up-front for additional parking (and avoid a notification during your workout), you can select the ‘Public’ parking option and pay for an additional parking period of up to 2.5hrs. When you sign into the gym at any time during this paid parking session, your 90 minutes free parking will be added to the end of your session.

If you do not use the Smart Parking APP, you will need to pay standard rates via either the pay stations or the Wilson ParkMate APP for your entire parking session.

What should I do if the Smart Parking app is malfunctioning?

In the unlikely event that the Smart Parking app is inaccessible please advise the reception team who will be able to assist in the first instance.

When I open the app I just see a bunch of numbers on coloured backgrounds. What do they mean?

When you see this screen, it is best to either zoom in, or select ‘List View’ at the top of the screen to see your options clearly.

The numbers L1-L7 represent the carpark levels. Ensure you select the correct one.

The numbers below this indicate how many parks are currently available on each level.

After you park / other

Are there electric vehicle charging stations?

Yes, there are 3 charging stations on level one - they're marked with a blue light and signage on the ground next to the bay number.

How do I ensure my payment details are kept safe?

All payments for vehicle parking via the Smart Parking payment solution systems are facilitated through a secure third-party payment processing service provider. The third-party payment processing service provider will capture and store transaction details (i.e. vehicle number plate and credit card details) to enable the payment to be processed and the parking fee to be charged to the correct vehicle. Smart Parking do not hold or store any user’s credit card information.

How many parks will there be available for members?

There will be 299 carparks in the building, available to both members and non-members.

How many times per day can I get 90 minutes free parking?

Once, on your first visit of the day.

If I want to appeal a parking infringement notice, what do I do?

On the reverse of all breach notices is a detailed process to follow to appeal a notice. Infringement notices are distributed and managed by Wilson Parking, not Les Mills.

Is the carpark monitored by cameras?

Yes, cameras will be recording, however they are not monitored live.

Is there an internal access to the gym?

No, access to the club is via the Les Mills Lane between the two buildings.

What if I have more than one car, or I share a car with someone?

You can add multiple vehicles by clicking on the menu icon in the app, clicking on your profile, and selecting ‘Add vehicle’. One vehicle can also be linked with multiple app accounts. Remember that your free parking allocation is linked with your Les Mills membership, not your vehicle, but that you need to select the correct vehicle each time you park, to avoid being issued a breach notice.

Who will be running the new Wellesley Street carpark?

Wilson Parking.