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BRAND NEW: Seasonal Training Options 


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New to the Les Mills lineup this year is Seasonal Programming. Three brand new Group Fitness classes will be hitting timetables – each having a four-month stint before being swapped out for the next seasonal innovation. This new  Seasonal Programming gives you the chance to experience innovative, fresh workouts and continue to challenge yourself  and develop new skills throughout 2021.

In the spirit of innovation, each of these new classes focuses on a different training category i.e. athletic, strength, mind/body etc. Each class will be available across all 12 of our clubs, so you will all have  the chance to experience them. There’s no need for any new or additional equipment and each class will be taken by familiar faces from our team of epic Group Fitness Instructors.


Our first Seasonal Programming of 2021 was Runner's High, A class that was focused on running and featured drills and exercises to improve running technique and cardiovascular fitness. 



The second Seasonal Programme for 2021 is Strength Development— a brand new workout for Les Mills and exclusive to New Zealand that will be officially launching in June. This class heroes the essential elements of strength training, including slow and controlled movements, functional exercises, and dynamic core training. This is strength training like you’ve never seen it before. You can expect strength gains, increased power, and enhanced athleticism, keeping you strong and balanced.



One of the benefits of Seasonal Programming is that you get to switch up your workout routine. While consistency is key to establishing a solid training routine, it's important to introduce new ways of exercising to make sure you keep challenging your muscles, cardiovascular fitness, and limits! With our new calendar of Seasonal Programmes it's easy for you to introduce something new to your routine throughout the year. 

If you're now asking yourself “How will I know when to switch up my routine?", here are some questions to consider:


  • Are your workouts getting easy? Sometimes what used to be a hard slog becomes a breeze and that's not a bad thing, it just means you're getting fitter, stronger, better - and ready for a fresh challenge. Introducing a new class could reinvigorate your regime.

  • Do you find yourself on your phone more during your workout. You might just be bored! We're human - we need stimulation to keep us engaged and interested.

  • Are you missing that post-workout feeling? Remember when you used to be sore for a few days after a good workout? Your body might be getting too familiar with the same exercises day in and day out. 


If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s time to give our Seasonal Programmes a try!



The other Seasonal Programmes coming this year are shaping up to be equally as epic as Runner's High. We don't want to give too much away, but get ready to sweat and stretch like you never have before.