Strength Development

Functional and controlled movements to stimulate strength gains.

Medium to High Intensity


Minute Workout

Strength Development heroes the essential elements of strength training, including slow and controlled movements, functional exercises, and dynamic core training. This is strength training like you’ve never seen it before. You can expect strength gains, increased power, and enhanced athleticism, keeping you strong and balanced.

This class is for anyone looking to add a strength-training focus to their workout schedule. Your instructor will give you suggestions around reps to hit and weight selection - we suggest starting off with weights you're comfortable with and then coming back for another class where you can focus on pushing your limits!


Over the course of its 4-month stay on the timetable, Strength Development will cover three strength training protocols:

MONTH ONE: Pure Strength

Focus on setting the foundation and learning the technique, fundamental movement patterns, Squat, Deadlift, Push Pull with a conditioning block at the end. 

MONTH TWO: Hypertrophy

Now you've learned the fundamentals of strength training over a month, the focus shifts to building muscle, bigger focus on one areas of the body and hitting more reps. In these two workouts we have a big chest and back focus (followed by lower body conditioning).

MONTH THREE: Power + Athleticism

Here we introduce explosive sets, clean-and-press circuits and Workouts of the Day (WODs), with a slower conditioning set to finish. 


Having trained using these three protocols, you'll return to the Strength and Hypertrophy sets noticing the increased strength, weight, technique and ability to generate more force under the bar.