Strength-based workout inspired by Pilates, Barre & Power Yoga.

Medium to High Intensity


Minute Workout

Each workout starts with a focus on breath and mobility, to bring awareness to our neutral spine and gentle warming of the body. We then go straight into our core series to activate the core, and we stay grounded throughout the glute series to activate the glutes.

Then, when we're nice and spiced up and warm, the standing series begins. This low-impact cardio feels more dynamic and integrated. There is a focus on the legs, and then the upper body. 

When we land at the strength series there are two options, so you can choose based on the equipment you have on hand. Strength series option one makes use of sliders, mimicking pilates reformer movements. There are three tracks; legs, upper body integrated with core, and then glutes, so we end up working the whole body.

Strength series option two is a power yoga-inspired strength block where we mix power yoga moves with weight plates and pulses to add more resistance and really challenge stability and strength. Each workout wraps up with some serious glute burn and ends with some quick glute stretching.