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Why starting Monday doesn’t work

We have all had that conversation in our heads. You stray from your diet or lose motivation, and so comes that little voice.

“It’s ok, I’ll start Monday”.

So, come Sunday, your motivation is at an all-time high, you feel sick from eating all the non-diet food in the house, so it’s gone for when the diet starts, but it’s ok, because tomorrow is going to be different, this diet is going to work! All the other diets you have tried have just been trial and error in preparation for this one!!

Monday comes, and you are great, the diet is going great and you feel more motivated than ever.

Wednesday rolls around, the motivation is starting to slip, you are tired, you eat a little more than you should. Friday comes, and a friend invites you out for drinks, this is a lifestyle, right? A few drinks won’t hurt?

By Saturday you’re elbow deep in a bag of cheese supreme Doritos wondering where all that motivation from earlier in the week went.

But it’s ok…….

Because you’ll start Monday..

Do you see where we are going with this?

This is exactly why we need to call time on dieting and restrictive eating. They create a yo-yo mentality and most of the time, do exactly the opposite of what they have set out to achieve.

The thing about the good old ‘I’ll start Monday’ is that ‘that future date’ is completely meaningless. What you are really saying is I like the idea of it, but ‘not now’ or “I can’t commit right now’.

And guess what, if you can’t commit right now, you aren’t going to be able to commit on Monday either. You’ll give yourself another reason, to start at another later date-I’ll start after my birthday, or I’ll start once I get back to work, or a month out from Summer…. You get the idea’

Procrastination leads to feeling helpless and increased guilt as the unhealthy habits continue.

What can you do instead?

Start small, but start now. You are only ever one mouthful away from getting straight back on track. Indulge in a food you love? Great, enjoy it, then move on. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, feel no guilt and get straight back on track, with no harm done.

All you need to do is start, and keep starting, every day, until those healthy ideas become habits and before you know it, the healthy choices are easier than the unhealthy ones.

Getting started doesn’t require a big fanfare, a big cupboard clean out, or hours of meal prep. It just requires you to start.


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 Article supplied by Emily White.

 Emily White (BSc) is an Auckland based   Nutritionist who specialises in breaking down diet   culture, and finding peace with food and your   body. She consults with an holistic, non-   restrictive approach and allows her clients to   tune into their own inner wisdom.