We are always looking for people who are passionate about making a positive difference in the world. Our way of life is focused on creating a fitter planet through life changing experiences every time – you could be part of the team that bring that mission to life.

Les Mills stands strong as the leaders of group fitness in New Zealand and the world. We want those of you who are brave enough to lead and inspire, living and breathing the values of our company in the pursuit of making humans fit for life.


Our members, our instructors and our people are a single team. We succeed as one.

be brave

We aim to be undisputed world champions in fitness and we relentlessly pursue that goal.

change the world

We are devoted to health and wellbeing. Creating a fitter planet is the reason we are here.

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  1. Get familiar - if you're filling out this form then we expect you to have done a good selection of our Group Fitness classes.
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