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Sustainable power revolution!


For decades, Les Mills has dominated the fitness industry by providing a large range of group fitness classes, state of the art gym equipment and a team who work towards one collective goal; to dramatically improve the health and happiness of their members.

Not only are we passionate about being global leaders in the fitness industry, but we pride ourselves on being a sustainable and environmentally friendly business. We have a number of sustainable initiatives that take place in club and at national office including tracking our carbon footprint and setting about ways to reduce it. 

With that, we are proud to announce that Les Mills has joined Ecotricity nationwide and are using New Zealand's only 100% Renewable carboNZero Certified electricity sourced from Wind, Hydro and Solar.

Since joining Ecotricity, our 12 clubs and national office have saved over 1 million kilograms of CO2!

Ways to reduce carbon footprint

  • Switch to Ecotricity: it only takes minutes to Join to become part of the team and support renewable electricity
  • Install low flow shower heads: promotes energy efficiency and water conservation
  • Use energy efficient lighting: lasts longer and saves money overtime!