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Les Mills has launched its new Dunedin gym with a bold demonstration of generosity: offering a free membership to each of the city’s 128,800 residents. 


Dunedin, New Zealand: For the first time, a world-class fitness offering can be attainable for every single person in Dunedin, with a remarkable launch offer from Les Mills. 

To celebrate its state-of-the-art Dunedin club opening at Meridian Mall, Les Mills is inviting every resident of the city to experience the gym…for free.

The generous initiative follows scientific research which overwhelmingly indicates that exercise benefits your mental health. In fact, 92% of regular exercisers experience an exercise-induced boost with feelings of accomplishment, energy and enjoyment . Les Mills Dunedin wants everyone to experience these benefits by offering a one-month free gym membership to all Dunedin residents.

Dunedin locals can claim their free one-month membership by visiting the new gym or activating this online here between October 31 and November 08, which marks the opening week for the reimagined club. 

The free membership, which includes Les Mills’ innovative range of fitness classes and state-of-the-art gym floor facility, will be available for the entire month of November – giving customers the perfect opportunity to form healthy habits ahead of summer.

Brett Sutton, Les Mills New Zealand CEO says: "Les Mills is for everyone, and we are so pleased to open our doors with this incredible free membership offer for every single resident if they redeem this week,”

“It’s incredibly exciting to be moving to our new Dunedin home and alongside our iconic group fitness offerings, we’re introducing two of Les Mills’ most popular boutique-style programmes that were previously unavailable – THE TRIP®, an immersive cycle experience with digitally created worlds – and CEREMONY®, a functional training programme designed for a whole-body workout.”

Les Mills Dunedin welcomes everyone to experience its new facilities with dedicated zones for group workouts, cardio machines, free weights, Olympic lifting (including a multi-bay squat rig and lifting platforms), functional training and stretching. 

Les Mills has invested more than nine million dollars into the new facility and will continue to bring a world-class fitness offering to the Dunedin community. The new gym is a testament to Les Mills’ commitment to offering leading group fitness classes, cutting-edge fitness equipment and technologies and an inviting atmosphere to inspire and motivate individuals.

The club’s changing rooms will also have contrast therapy zones, which consist of cold plunge showers and saunas. Contrast therapy is believed to help relieve various injury symptoms by producing rapid changes in the circulatory system by moving between very warm conditions to very cold water. 

“Les Mills Dunedin's move to Meridian Mall signifies not just a change in location, but a shift toward a cutting-edge fitness facility that prioritises well-being and community engagement,” says Brett.