Abby Dutton

From a professional dance performance career on the international stage to inspired Personal Trainer at Les Mills. I am ready to make performance your passion also!

Level Two Trainer

I am Abby Dutton and I am part of a team of highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainers and staff at the place we like to call home, Les Mills Hamilton.

With vast experience in all forms of dance along with a passion for Pilates, core training and all forms of group fitness, I have accumulated a broad range of skills that will enable you to feel strong and see dramatic improvement to your body through targeted and technically correct training.

I am friendly and personable with the drive and enthusiasm required to keep you inspired and on track while staying accountable to your goals. I will be available and offer consistent support and encouragement to have you feeling fantastic and get you where you need to be.


Contact Details:


P: 027 4611 234


NetFit - National Certificate in Fitness

  • Fitness Instructor/Exercise Consultant 
  • Foundation Skills 
  • Les Mills 3D PTModule 
  • REPs Registered 

Diploma of Musical Theatre 

  • ARAD (Associate of the Royal Academy of Dance) 
  • AJDA (American Jazz Dancing Association) 
  • Intermediate Teaching Certificate 
  • Junior Teaching Certificate 
  • AJDA Solo Seal 
  • Comprehensive First Aid (CPR)



Dancers                    Core Strength                            Pilates 

Weight Loss              Circuit Training                           Small Group Training 

Increased Fitness      General Health & Fitness              Technique 

Goal Setting              Injury Prevention                         Group Fitness 

Dance-Fitness           Ballet-Fit (ballet barre)                  Zumba