Auckland City Redevelopment

The Les Mills Auckland City club is the home of Les Mills Fitness. It contains the history, heritage and heart of our Les Mills group.

Through the years we've undergone regular renovations and repairs, and it's definitely time again to put some love back into our beloved Auckland City Gym.

To keep up with the needs of our gym members and the future of our group fitness classes, we're planning to upgrade several parts of the gym and provide permanent dedicated gym car parking over the next two years.

As with most good things in life, this project will take time and patience. We're having to sacrifice some things to make way for others, but we're confident the end result will be great for our members.

To keep up to date on the latest redevelopment news, check in regularly to this page and ensure your notifications are enabled on your Les Mills app. If you're unsure how to turn these on, please ask one of our friendly Les Mills Auckland City reception staff.

We fully appreciate your support and patience as we work as fast as we can to make these improvements.


New cycle studio

Things to know about the new cycle studio coming later this year...

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All the details on where to park while the renovations take place...


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Latest updates

Update 19 March 2018

Our new multi-storey carpark due to open in 2019:

  • Will be seven levels high?
  • Will have three retail premises inside it?
  • Will have multiple Electrical Vehicle charging stations?


Update 31 January 2018


We have just completed the refurbishment of Studio 2 - giving it a facelift and making it a fitting place for our awesome group fitness classes.

Along with this, we have made some exciting new changes to our timetable including the addition of  TONE and Dance.

Check out the new timetable here

Update 9 January 2018

Everyone loves to get a carpark, so we have made some changes. All carparks to the side of the gym on Victoria St West are now 90mins max parking spaces, except for the disabled and loading zone parks.

We have also opened up 15 of the Kids Club car parks (above the Arena) for all members, at all times, for 90 minutes. The remaining 15 parks in this area are reserved for Kids Club parents only, from 8.30am - 12pm Monday to Friday. At all other times these parks can also be used by any member for 90 minutes. 

City Works Depot parking facilities are remaining as 2.5hours. However, please take extra care when crossing over from Sale Street, it's a busy place to cross and we care about you and your safety when you are training with us! We know you are eager to get to your workout, please just make sure you do as safely as possible.