Auckland City

186 Victoria Street, Auckland CBD

Auckland City Redevelopment

The Les Mills Auckland City club is the home of Les Mills Fitness. It contains the history, heritage and heart of our Les Mills group.

Through the years we've undergone regular renovations and repairs, and it's definitely time again to put some love back into our beloved Auckland City Gym.

To keep up with the needs of our gym members and the future of our group fitness classes, we're planning to upgrade several parts of the gym and provide permanent dedicated gym car parking over the next three years.

As with most good things in life, this project will take time and patience. We're having to sacrifice some things to make way for others, but we're confident the end result will be great for our members.

To keep up to date on the latest redevelopment news, check in regularly to this page and ensure your notifications are enabled on your Les Mills app. If you're unsure how to turn these on, please ask one of our friendly Les Mills Auckland City reception staff.

We fully appreciate your support and patience as we work as fast as we can to make these improvements.

Recent updates

Update 22 May 2018

As part of The Home of Sweat Getting Reinvented, Les Mills Auckland City will be getting a brand new cycle studio. The exact open date is yet to be confirmed – construction is never a set thing – but we’re aiming for November / December this year. The studio will be the largest of its kind in the country. It will have the feel of a theatre with a massive screen to show THE TRIP™ and Virtual cycle classes, 100 bikes, an amazing sound system and a totally immersive atmosphere.

Not only that, but from 1 November 2018 you’ll no longer have to pay extra for any cycle classes.

Check out the FAQ’s below and for more info or see reception at the club.

Past updates

Update 19 March 2018

Our new multi-storey carpark due to open in 2019:

  • Will be seven levels high
  • Will have three retail premises inside it
  • Will have multiple Electrical Vehicle charging stations


Update 31 January 2018

We have just completed the refurbishment of Studio 2 - giving it a facelift and making it a fitting place for our awesome group fitness classes.

Along with this, we have made some exciting new changes to our timetable including the addition of TONE and Dance.

Check out the new timetable here


Update 9 January 2018
Everyone loves to get a carpark, so we have made some changes. All carparks to the side of the gym on Victoria St West are now 90mins max parking spaces, except for the disabled and loading zone parks.

We have also opened up 15 of the Kids Club car parks (above the Arena) for all members, at all times, for 90 minutes. The remaining 15 parks in this area are reserved for Kids Club parents only, from 8.30am - 12pm Monday to Friday. At all other times these parks can also be used by any member for 90 minutes. 

City Works Depot parking facilities are remaining as 2.5hours. However, please take extra care when crossing over from Sale Street, it's a busy place to cross and we care about you and your safety when you are training with us! We know you are eager to get to your workout, please just make sure you do as safely as possible.

Auckland City Redevelopment FAQ

  1. What’s happening?

    Well, the club has been at its current location since 1979 and it's time to make it a little bigger, brighter and a lot better. This year will see Stage 1 of some major renovations including an upgraded Studio 2, a brand new Immersive Cycle studio and the build of the new multi-storey carpark.

  2. When's it all happening?

    Now! The carpark has already begun, the refreshed Studio 2 is now open, and planning is underway for the renovated cycle studio which will be renamed "Chain". At the same time you'll see some smaller works happening around the club over the next 6 months.

  3. How long will it take?

    All up we see the work happening in stages over the next 3 years, which will be spread out to minimise disruption as much as possible.  

  4. Will the entire club be closed at any point?

    Nope, the main reason we're taking it in stages is so we don't need to close the entire club. The club hours will also remain the same throughout too. 

  5. Will there be changes to the timetable?

    Probably, but we'll give you heaps of notice. The good news is that once everything's finished we'll have more classes more often - including additional 30min and 45min classes, new virtual classes and more boxing classes.

  6. When will the new carpark open?

    All going well the Wellesley St car park is scheduled to open mid-2019

  7. What's with the parking now?

    To give more members a fair chance of getting a car park, we’ve limited carparks on site to 90mins. When the new carpark opens it will have 90-min of free parking and you’ll also be able to pay to stay longer. We’ll also have the car parks in Sale St available for you to use up until we open the new Wellesley St carpark.

    *Please check out the latest carparking map online and at Reception.

  8. So what does that mean for the RPM® studio?

    The RPM® studio will be relocated to the current Arena area, as a much bigger Immersive Cycle Studio with 100 bikes. We’ll be adding our latest Immersive cycling programme - The Trip - as well as virtual classes and of course Les Mills Sprint and RPM®.

  9. Will there be as much room in the gym after the upgrade?

    Yep, in fact there'll be more room. With the redesign we'll be converting more space into workout areas.

  10. Are we getting aircon?

    As part of the refurbishment we'll be bringing aircon into the Chain studio, looking at cooling solutions for the GRIT studio and increasing fans in other workout areas.

  11. Will there be changes to equipment at all?

    Some of the older equipment will be replaced with more reliable modern gear, but don't worry, they'll work out the same parts of your body.

  12. Is it safe to work out while the redevelopment works are happening?

    Health & Safety is #1, so our team and the construction contractors will make sure that steps are in place to separate any building activity from where you work out. 

  13. Where can I be kept up to date?

    The best place to check will be Facebook, our website and our Digiscreens in club. Make sure you're on our e-mail list and that you've allowed notifications on the Les Mills app so you can also get the latest alerts. 

  14. What’s happening with car parking out the front of the Group Fitness studios and on top of the garage?

    As we shift things around due to construction work during the redevelopment, from the end of July we will be losing 7 carparks in front of the Group Fitness studios and losing some on top of the garage. This is to allow us to get construction equipment in place, relocate the maintenance resources, and relocate motorbike and scooter parking.

  15. What about motorbike and scooter parking?

    From the end of July, we’ll be temporarily relocating motorbike and scooter parking to an area on the rooftop of the garage. This will be in a marked-out area to the immediate right of the top of the ramp.

  16. And what is happening with the Arena?

    As part of the redevelopment the whole Arena area will be rezoned into a space for all members to access. This will include a new Functional Studio, a revamped Boxing Studio and the new Immersive Cycling Studio. There will also be expanding changing room facilities compared to what is currently there. 

  17. What does that mean for CrossFit HPU?

    CrossFit HPU is staying at Les Mills until 30 September– but in a slightly different location. Come Monday 30 July HPU will be located where Ringside boxing currently is, sharing the space with Ringside. Not all the equipment currently in HPU will be coming to the new space, so we will be reprogramming classes to make the best use of equipment and space. Other non-HPU and Ringside trainers will also be allowed to use the space, but HPU and Ringside classes will always take priority.

  18. What about Tu Kaha Brazilian Jujitsu?

    BJJ is also staying at Les Mills until September 30 – but with a shift of location. BJJ will be moving to where the Les Mills staffroom currently is, below the Arena, from Monday 30 July.

  19. Will classes be taught in the new area?

    Yes, there will be classes run in the Functional Studio and Boxing area and they will not cost any extra for members to attend. When classes aren’t on you’ll be able to use the areas for training.

  20. What’s going to be in the Functional Studio?

    There will be a Rig and the latest functional equipment including kettle bells, bikes and battle rope.

  21. Will there still be a Boxing area?

    Yes, there will be a dedicated Boxing Studio with bags and functional equipment, however the ring will be removed to create more space. 

  22. With RPM® shifting do we get more room to do GRIT®?

    Yes,more space will be opened up in the GRIT studio which will be reconfigured.