5 Tips to Reaching New Wellbeing Limits

Good magazine wellness columnist, qualified yoga teacher and director of the lifestyle website Inspired Health, Rachel Grunwell, shares 5 tips with us to help you reach new wellbeing limits.

1. Give back - with money or your time. It will help you to feel good and those you help will be grateful. We need to support our wider community. It will make your heart soar to be socially connected and kind.

2. Take time for "playfulness", spontaneity, dancing and laughter. Do joyful and silly things that help your soul to sing. Tap into your inner-kid again and it will help you shine and laugh out loud more. If you can't possibly be silly because you are too uptight - then watch a comedy or something!

3. Nurture your soul by being out in nature as much as possible to help you unwind and re-energise your mind body and soul. Soak up some sun, breath in fresh air, move your body and be in awe of this stunning country we are blessed to be in.

4. Practice Mindfulness. It will help you to think and feel better and to combat things like stress, anxiety and feeling low. It also can help you to be a nicer person to be around!

5. Be a goal-crusher. Set a goal on something you wish to achieve and then work hard towards this goal. Tackle it in bite-sized chunks. Then when you achieve this goal, celebrate and rejoice in your success and treat yourself. You deserve it. 

Article supplied by Rachel Grunwell from  inspiredhealth.co.nz

Rachel Grunwell - Les Mills Contributor

Rachel is a magazine wellness columnist, qualified yoga teacher, wellness ambassador, keen marathoner, healthy recipe creator, and director of the lifestyle website Inspiredhealth which inspires Kiwis to live a healthy and happy life.