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Strong is the New Skinny

5 Benefits of Having a Workout Buddy

After trialing hundreds of fitness ideas and new trends as a health writer for magazines and newspapers over the years, I’ve discovered some secrets to keeping fit – and staying fit.


Yoga for Cyclists

If you love cycling – whether it’s on the road or sweating it out during indoor cycling classes like RPM – then stretching afterwards can help you feel better.


The Sweat Smell of Success

Yes, there really is a right way to perspire – and your body will thank you for it.


“It's My Metabolism - Honest!”

Feel like you gain weight by just looking at a slice of cake? Can’t put on weight no matter how much cake you eat? Could it be your metabolism – and how much at its mercy are you?


Why Training Your Body Also Trains Your Brain

Free diver and high-altitude mountaineer Professor Damian Bailey discusses his research into the amazing benefits of exercise on the brain, not just the body.

Ballerina Pose

How to Improve your Balance: Ballerina Style

For anyone keen to better their balance (and enjoy the strength and postural benefits of increased stability) mastering the Dancer’s Pose is a smart move.

Food Labels

The Consumer Guide to Reading a Food Label

Food labels are supposed to keep us informed about what’s in our food, yet you often need a magnifying glass to read them. Here are some tips on how to make sense of the grid on the back of the pack.

Strong is the New Skinny

When did Strong become the New Skinny?

Thirty years ago lifting weights was the domain of bulked up body builders and testosterone-pumped gym goers. Back then jumping through a jazzercise class was the women’s exercise option.

Protein Power

Protein Power

Not all proteins are alike. Some are definitely better than others in helping with exercise recovery and metabolism. Of the three major sources of energy – fat, carbohydrates and proteins – the importance of proteins to human health has remained the most elusive.

Wellness Goals

Tips for New Year Wellness Goals

If you’ve ever set a new year’s resolution, you’ll know they can be hard to achieve. We often hear people set big, difficult targets like losing a certain amount of weight or quitting unhealthy food.

Dr Libby - Les Mills Contributor

Dr Libby Weaver (BHSc (N&D) (Hons) PhD) is an internationally acclaimed nutritional biochemist, author & speaker who combines years of experience, learning and clinical practice to her holistic approach to health. 

Julia & Libby - Les Mills Contributor

Julia and Libby are sisters who are lovers of everything that nourishes the body, mind and soul. They believe that beauty starts from within and food can be used as medicine in order to keep us healthy. Their approach to health is connected to both their educational study of the subject and their personal beliefs on the lifestyle it creates.

Rachel Grunwell - Les Mills Contributor

Rachel is a magazine wellness columnist, qualified yoga teacher, wellness ambassador, keen marathoner, healthy recipe creator, and director of the lifestyle website which inspires Kiwis to live a healthy and happy life.

Angela Merrie - Les Mills Contributor

Anglea is the creator of Pretty Damn Good For You a source for recipes, wellness tips and blogs following her journey in going gluten free fir almost 20 years ago, being diagnosed with IBS subsequently entering a world of research and diet changes to help develop recipes that are quite simply, pretty damn good for you. 

Hannah Horton - Les Mills Contributor

Wholefoods and sustainability blogger at Health Yeah and Wholefoods cafe owner of Mondays Cafe in Kingsland, Auckland Hannah is constantly discovering the life changing power of food.