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Membership Options

  • Multi-club options
  • Single-club options
  • 12 or 24 month terms
  • Month-to-month pre-pay

  • Tertiary rates
  • High School rates
  • Flexible terms

  • Changeable payment date
  • Membership suspensions
  • Sign up online or in club

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Memberships FAQ

  1. How can I introduce a friend to Les Mills?

    Simply walk in the door with them. As a member you have unlimited privileges to bring different guests along for up to two complimentary work-outs at your home club. All we ask is that they sign a waiver form when they arrive and that they workout with you. What better way for them to experience the club!

  2. What's included with my membership?

    All the best that Les Mills has to offer; unlimited access to your club, plus our fitness classes are all available free of charge and are included in your weekly membership. Les Mills RPM®, SPRINT® and THE TRIP® classes are now free forever! If you purchase a Multi Club membership, you will also have access to all our other gyms across New Zealand.

  3. I don’t really know my way around a gym – do you have an ‘induction’ as such?

    Your Membership Consultant will show you around the gym before your first visit so you’re familiar with the layout and will know where to find everything.

    You can also invest in a Personal Trainer who can help you motivate towards your goals – find out more here.

  4. Do I have a choice in how long I join for?

    We don't believe in making you commit beyond what's reasonable. There's no point signing up for 3 years if you're only going to be around for one or two months. Results come over time so we offer you a choice of membership duration - ranging from non-contractual casual day visits, Prepay one month options, to 12 month and 24 month full memberships. Plus varied prices for those who just want to access one club, rather than a multi club membership. You need to weigh up the price advantage of choosing longer memberships against the actual commitment you can make to your exercise regime.

  5. Can I use different Les Mills gyms around the country?

    If you have purchased a multi club membership alll you need to do is present your Les Mills membership key tag or card at reception of the club you're visiting and they'll welcome you in.

  6. How much does it cost to go to Les Mills?

    Around the country we have a range of different membership options. The price depends on how long you'd like to commit to and which club you'd like to belong to. Our Joining Fee is normally $29. Check out our club pages to see what options and prices are available.

  7. Do you have Women’s Only gyms?

    What's important is that you feel comfortable in your workout environment. For that reason we give you a choice in a number of our clubs. You can exercise in our main mixed gym areas or workout in a Women's Only area designed by women for women. 

    We have Women's Only gyms in: 
    • Les Mills Auckland City
    • Les Mills New Lynn
    • Les Mills Hutt City
    • Les Mills Taranaki Street
    • Les Mills Christchurch
    • Les Mills Dunedin
  8. What happens to my membership if I want to go away on holiday or get sick?

    Easy. Depending on the type of membership you have, you may have the option of Pausing your membership for a while. For instance, if you joined after 1 July 2020 on a standard membership that has a minimum term of 12 months or more, you can Pause for up to 5 weeks in a membership year. Check your membership agreement to see what Pause benefit you might have and the conditions that apply to it.


    Here’s how to put your membership on Pause using the Member Portal. Something to note: when you Pause it does not reduce your Minimum Period, which is extended by your Pause period.

  9. Where are you located?

    Les Mills clubs are located throughout New Zealand's metropolitan cities. Check out our club pages here to find the one nearest to you and how to get there.

  10. How soon can I start?

    Now. You can start right away. Purchase your membership online now or pick up the phone and dial 0800 LES MILLS, or simply run, walk or jog to the Les Mills club nearest you and we'll get you started.

  11. Can I purchase a membership as a gift?

    Great idea. Clubs offer a range of gift options for you to give and can discuss with you exactly how you'd like to manage the process. Click here if you'd like to enquire about gifting a membership.

  12. Can I buy Casual Day Passes?

    Casual Day Passes are available for purchase at Reception. They are $30 for a single entry or you can purchase a 10 visit concession card for $250.