LMFM is here. And now on Spotify

For all the people who have an eye twitch when Sorry plays for the 20th time that day. This is for you. You're welcome. No more. Is it too late now to say sorry?

LMFM aims to bring you a mix of the latest artists and beats to not just add to your playlist, your workout, but to your life. LMFM is music that moves you. In club, and on Spotify

What's LMFM?

LMFM is music.

LMFM is a curated playlist of emerging artists and the latest new music played in Les Mills clubs nationwide. 

Can I contribute to LMFM?

We love getting feedback and requests to help keep LMFM evolving.
Feedback and requests can be sent to music@lesmills.co.nz