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What classes do you recommend for those new to exercise?

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We suggest people who are new to exercise, to start with our BODYPUMP® class 2x per week on non-consecutive days. In between these days, slotting in an RPM® for cardio and either a CXWORX® for core training or alternatively, a BODYBALANCE® class for stretching and recovery. Be sure to have a rest day in there as well.

Can I just do GRIT® every day and get fitter?

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No, actually GRIT® and SPRINT® are High Intensity Interval Training based classes, and doing these everyday will eventually have a detrimental effect. To maximise results, your body needs recovery workouts or rest days in between. If you physically can't work at your max during the class, you won't get the effects you're meant to.

Can I workout while I’m pregnant?

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Exercising throughout your pregnancy is not only possible, it's potentially beneficial for both you and your baby - but in order to exercise safely some modifications are a must. Check out some great articles we have out on the topic.

What is the role of a GYM INSTRUCTOR?

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Gym Instructors provide free programmes that are great when you are first starting out, or need a change in your current programme. They provide support, can help with technique, and are great spotters, when you're lifting the heavy weights. They also make sure everyone is safe on the gym floor and they're available for any exercise questions you may have.

How much is a Personal Trainer (PT)?

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Level one personal trainers charge $25 for 30 minutes

Level two personal trainers charge $30 for 30 minutes

Level three personal trainers charge $40 for 30 minutes

You can also have a 45 minute and a 60 minute session

What is the difference between a level 1, 2 and 3 Personal Trainer?

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Level one PT's are perfect for advice, encouragement about fitness, weight loss and basic training. Level two and three trainers have more experience and move into specific areas of training. You will find level three trainers have more expertise in the rehab areas. 

Where can I park?

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Car park buildings

Wilson Parking, 9/13 Stout Street

  • $3 per hour outside of Standard Rate hours* - before 6am, after 5pm & during weekends
  • *$6 per hour Standard Rate applies Monday-Friday, 6am -5pm

Members must show their Les Mills Warrant of Fitness sticker and must avoid parking in 'Reserved' bays.

North Terrace Car Park- Care Park

  • Early Bird rate will be $16.00 on Level E, ($4.00 below retail)

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Where can I leave my bike?

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There are council provided bike stands located on the pavement outside 86 Lambton Quay.

Is there any club access from The Terrace?

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Yes.  Members can access the club via the Level 4 carpark lift.  From The Terrace, enter the driveway to the North of Ministry for Primary Industries (19 The Terrace) and follow the Les Mills signs to the lift.  This will take you down to the lobby of 86-90 Lambton Quay where you can enter the gym.

Who do I contact should I have a question or need advice with regard to my membership?

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Our Fee Management account team is the best equipped to answer anything & everything when it comes to managing, maintaining and changing your membership. The easiest way to get hold of them is by flicking thru an email to . If your request is super urgent, give them a call on 04 384 8898.