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CEREMONY® begins with a focused warm up integrating movement patterns to prepare the body and mind for the session.


The group will then be broken into working stations and your coach will take you through each equipment station, explain and demonstrate the exercise you will be doing, giving options for both higher and lower intensity.


The group will work through their equipment stations motivated by music, coaching and each other. Expect a supportive environment, variety, clear guidance and an accessible, but athletic whole body workout designed around natural human movement.


The classes will be held in the Functional Studio with a maximum of 48 people per class.



CONQUER begins with a dynamic warm up and ‘learn the punches’ section. Here the coach explains and demonstrates the different punches that will be used in the class. We keep it simple so all levels of fitness can participate.


Participants will then be broken up into 3 groups, and move to their first station, either Treadmills, Floor or Boxing bags. Throughout the workout the coach and screens will give you clear instructions on the movements for each station, and the class will rotate through the 3 stations, finishing with a cool down and stretch.


Expect a fun, high energy, high motivational boxing conditioning workout in a studio where every lighting, design and audio detail has been carefully considered.


The classes will be held in the Boxing Studio with a maximum of 42 people per class. Boxing gloves are required for this class. 12 ounce gloves are recommended. Please bring your own wraps. You can borrow boxing gloves from the Boxing Studio or purchase boxing gloves from Reception for $65.