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Update 28/08/2020: The penalty system now extends to all CYCLE classes (excluding Virtual).


In August we launched booking capabilities for CEREMONY® and CONQUER classes to enable members to secure a space in these extremely popular, limited capacity classes. Because spaces are limited and to be fair to all members, we are introducing a penalty system for no-shows to CEREMONY® and CONQUER classes, starting Monday 7 October 2019. 


We have also introduced a limit of 3 classes each per week, so every can have a go.

We realise it's not always possible to make a class you've booked in advance, however we do ask that you cancel your booking prior to its scheduled start time if you're unable to attend. This way other members can book into the class and secure their space.


How many classes can I attend a week?
Due to high demand and the large volume of no-shows to these classes, you can now only book a maximum of 3 CONQUER and 3 CEREMONY® classes per week (Monday – Sunday). This allows all of our members a fair chance to book in and secure a spot. If you’d like to attend more than 3 CONQUER and/or 3 CEREMONY® classes per week you can head to the studio before clalss and go on the waitlist outside the studio.

What is the penalty?
2 x no-shows to any booked class within a 14 day period will result in you being blocked from booking CEREMONY®, CONQUER or CYCLE classes for 14 days. Any future bookings you have for either CEREMONY®, CONQUER or CYCLE classes will also be cancelled.


What is a no-show?
A no-show is defined as not showing up for a booked class at least 5 minutes before the start time.


Can I still attend while I'm blocked?
Although you are blocked from booking into CEREMONY®, CONQUER and CYCLE classes for 14 days, you are still able to put your name down on the waitlist at reception from 30 minutes prior to the class start time. Any free spaces 5 minutes before the class starts will be allocated to those on the waitlist. You must be at reception in order to be allocated a tag. 


Can I pay a penalty fee instead?
Yes, you can opt to pay a penalty fee of $10 at reception which will release any restrictions on your CEREMONY®, CONQUER and CYCLE bookings.