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Will there be any disruptions while the carpark is being painted?

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There will be some disruption to members while the carpark is being water blasted and painted. Works will commence on Thursday 22nd September (weather dependant) with all markings due for completion by Friday 29th September.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and/or ask at reception for updates on works as some sections of the carpark will be closed during this time.

What happens if the express / T2 parks are empty for long periods of time in the middle of peak time. Can I park there?

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The Express and T2 parking rules apply at all times.

Do you have mobility parks on site?

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Yes, there are two mobility parks nearest the entrance to the gym. You must display a valid mobility parking permit at all times to use these parks.

What is changing?

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We have introduced T2 and Express parks near the entrance of the gym as well as reworked and repainted the carpark markings.

Why is the parking changing?

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We have introduced new T2 and Express carparks to give members more options and to encourage sustainable initiatives.

With Studio 2 opening we will have more 30 minute classes than ever before. Express parks will be more convenient for members wanting to walk in and work out in under 45 minutes

T2 parks encourage members to buddy up. We know that members have more fun and are even more committed to their fitness regime when they're working out with friends - Plus, you're helping us to 'be green' 

When will new parking rules implement?

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New parking rules will apply from Monday 10th October.

What are the new parking rules?

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We have allocated 4 parks near the entrance to the gym for members travelling in groups of 2 or more in one car; these parks will be labelled T2 parks. We have also allocated 4 additional parks opposite the new T2 parks for members who are visiting the gym for 45 minutes or less, these parks will be referred to as Express parks. You must display your Les Mills Warrant Of Fitness sticker at all times when parking on site.

Will the T2 and Express carparks be clearly displayed?

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Yes, T2 and Express carparks will be clearly marked with physical signage and car park markings.

Are there any other parking options?

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There are plenty of on street parking options available nearby. Between 5.30am - 12pm and 5pm-9pm (excluding Weds and Sun) there is additional parking available at the Dana Street Church parking lot. Check out our parking map here for directions. Please ensure you display your Les Mills Warrant Of Fitness sticker at all times.

What are the repercussions if parking rules are not followed?

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A notice of breach will be issued and the vehicle may be towed