Runner's High

Drills and exercises to improve running technique and fitness.

Medium to High Intensity


Minute Workout

Runner’s High is a brand new workout for Les Mills and exclusive to New Zealand. It’s the first of three seasonal workouts to be released in 2021. Each seasonal workout will be on timetables for four months before changing out for something completely different. Runner’s High is a fun and dynamic workout, incorporating steady state and running based drills. It’s a unique group fitness program for runners and non-runners alike. You can expect improved fitness, mobility, strength, and coordination, and learn to run like an athlete.

The first section of Runner’s High is drill training where you work on agility, core strength and technique – all choreographed to help improve your running. We then head out for a pack-run where you can choose your pace and practice your learnings from the drills. To secure your space in Runner’s High classes, book now via the Les Mills App or website.


Note – in most cases, Runner’s High starts in studio and transitions outdoors to finish. Check your club timetable for where to meet.