For me this is the perfect green smoothie. I like to drink one mid-morning or as an afternoon pick me up; it’s incredibly refreshing with the mint and cucumber, and nourishing with good fats from avocado and coconut which leave you satiated. The matcha will give you a little boost of energy and mental clarity.


This recipe is great for anyone wanting to alkalise and energise their system and take a break from fruit based smoothies. I love fruit but sometimes it’s nice to have options that aren’t so sweet and still taste delicious. Matcha is a wonderful ingredient to have on hand. It’s incredibly rich in antioxidants (around 17 times more than blueberries!) and is made from stone ground tea leaves which have been grown in the shade to increase the amount of chlorophyll.


The benefits of matcha are numerous, including cholesterol-lowering, detoxification, weight loss and anti-ageing properties. I particularly like the steady boost of energy it gives me without the crash that some people experience on coffee and I love the taste of it – it really grows on you.


Megan recommends

Buy good-quality organic matcha - it should be a beautiful, vibrant green colour. If your matcha has a tinge of brown to it, it has oxidised. It will taste bitter and possibly won't contain the same antioxidant benefits.

You can add additional detoxifying and alkalising superfoods like green algae, spirulina or chlorella for an extra boost.



½ cup Cucumber, chopped
2 tbsp of Avocado
1 handful Fresh mint
1 large handful Spinach, or other leafy greens like kale
¾ tsp Matcha (green tea) powder, see Megan's recommendations
⅓ cup Coconut water, or regular filtered water
⅓ cup Coconut milk, make your own here
½ cup Ice




Place everything in a high speed blender and blend until completely smooth.
Pour into a tall glass and enjoy.


Recipe by Megan May of Little Bird Organics.

For more plant-based recipes, visit their website.