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Increase concentration, boost productivity, improve health and wellness and bring a greater sense of equanimity to your life … all without breaking a sweat!

Concentration: Ten counts

This practice focuses on developing our concentration. By allowing our mind to focus on counting our breaths, we can reduce the natural busyness of the mind, and give it a chance to be still and find some ease, helping us look at our experience with a fresh and more spacious perspective.

Mindfulness of breathing

In this foundational practice, we explore the breath and the role it can play as a continually accessible refuge of calm and presence if we are experiencing stress, anxiety, or struggling to pay attention to what we feel is important in our lives.

Noting thoughts

This “noting” practice is great for helping us learn to recognize thoughts, notice that they are just puffs of information arising in the mind, and create some space for choice in how we relate to them.

Boxing thoughts

In this slightly more advanced practice we use our anchors to help us recognize the difference between thoughts and the present moment, and how we can bring more awareness and choice to how we use our attention.

You can learn more about the remarkable link between meditation and physical activity here.

Article by Emma Hogan supplied by Les Mills International