Gym Instructors

Our Gym Instructors are all Registered Exercise Professionals and are the best people to take you for a FREE personalised Gym Explorer session.

Gym Explorer sessions are the perfect way to get a guided tour of the club and a customised exercise plan to kick-start your fitness.

You can use your free Gym Explorer session to ask a Gym Instructor to show you how to use any equipment in the gym, or get set up with your own tailored exercise programme.  

Best of all, you can book them in at a time that suits you by talking to Reception, or to a Gym Instructor or simply ask your Membership Consultant.

No matter what your level of experience one of our expert Gym Instructors will help you find a routine you'll love. 


Get a Free Boost!

Even if you've been around gyms before, maybe it's time to refresh your workout. A free Gym Explorer session can help you check your form or add something new to mix it up and get even better results. Did we mention they're FREE?

Book a Gym Explorer

To book your first Gym Explore session, just ask your membership consultant, one of the reception team or a gym instructor.

What do I wear?

Not sure what to wear? Relax!
Gym Explore sessions are all about getting you settled in.

Just wear loose clothing you feel comfortable moving around in, pop on a pair of training shoes, bring a towel and a drink bottle, and you're ready to go.