Seriously hot, fun dance moves to release your inner star.
  • Workout

  • Medium Intensity

  • NO Equipment


A typical class

Featuring simple but seriously hot dance moves, SH'BAM® is the perfect way to shape up and let out your inner star - even if you're dance challenged. Set to a soundtrack of chart-topping popular dance hits heard in the hottest nightclubs around the world, as well as familiar classics remixed, and modernised Latin beats, SH'BAM® is the ultimate fun and sociable way to exercise.


The class will kick off with your instructor taking you through a basic warm up, where you get everything from your shoulders, to your chest, to your hips and even your fingertips moving.


What follows is 35 minutes of uncomplicated but ultra-fun dance combinations set to chart-topping hits, old and new. Not only will you have plenty of opportunity to perfect the simple moves, the combination of high intensity and recovery tracks means you get a really great workout.


You'll find yourself loving the class so much that before you know it'll be lights on, party's over, time for some sassy stretching and then home.