Improve strength, increase speed, all in 30 minutes...

LES MILLS GRIT® Plyo is an intense plyometric-based workout that gets results fast!

Combining the principles of plyometrics and power agility training, these 30-minute team training sessions on a bench will build a powerful, agile and athletic body.

The scientifically backed and comprehensively tested training routine regimen is supported by a highly-trained coach who is down on the floor with you, pushing you to your limit and making certain that you get results. 



Builds strength and speed

  • Builds power and increases speed and leg strength.
  • Increases muscular endurance and stamina for competitive sports events.
  • Uses power agility training to transform muscle fiber and produce a lean, athletic shape. 
Duration Exercise Type Intensity Burn Rate Equipment
30 Minutes High-intensity interval training workouts High Intensity Up To 400 Calories Class dependant
Results The LES MILLS GRIT® Series features three unique workouts each designed to drive different results.

How often should I do a LES MILLS GRIT® workout?

Substitute a regular one hour training session with two LES MILLS GRIT® workouts per week (with a couple of days between each LES MILLS GRIT® workout). It won't take long to see awesome results.

How fit do I need to be?

This is a highly challenging workout suitable for those who are serious about taking their fitness up a notch.

Is it safe?

All our programs are designed with cutting-edge set moves, certified coach training, and safety and science at their core. You can always be confident that the workout has been tried and tested for safety and results. If you have any health concerns, check in with your medical professional before trying the  LES MILLS GRIT® programs.

What do I need to bring?

Wear your usual workout clothes and bring a drink, towel and a big attitude. We'll provide the rest.

The HIIT Effect

High-intensity interval training. Everyone's talking about it but how much do you know about how and why it works? 

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