COVID-19 Update: All of our clubs are open under the Traffic Light System. Click here for more information.


Here's where you'll find the latest information around COVID-19 and what it means for our clubs.

Updated: 3 December 2021


What is happening with the clubs? 

Our Auckland clubs are open and operating under the Red setting of the Traffic Light system.  
Our Hamilton, Wellington Christchurch and Dunedin clubs are open and operating under the Orange setting of the new Traffic Light system.


Where do I get the latest info about COVID-19? is the first place you should go for official information. Here you’ll find detail on Alert Levels, the latest Government updates, info on the disease itself, how to protect yourself, information for communities and other resources. 


What happens if I’ve been to a location of Interest? 

Locations of interest are listed at There you’ll also find instructions on what to do if you have been to one of them. 


What do I do if I think I’m getting sick? 

Firstly, if you feel ill at any stage you should stay away from the gym and self-isolate. Follow the health advice at and ring the National Telehealth service on 0800 358 5453. 

COVID-19 Protection Framework



What is the new Traffic Light system? 

The new Traffic Light system, also known as the COVID-19 Protection Framework, is the Government’s new approach to managing COVID-19 in the community. It will come into effect on Friday 3 December.  


What does the new Traffic Light system mean for gyms? 

In the Red or Orange settings, gyms that do not request proof of vaccine will not be able to operate. In the Green setting, gyms that do not request proof of vaccine will have capacity restrictions.  


Will Les Mills require its members to be vaccinated against COVID-19? 

Yes, so we can operate optimally at all levels of the COVID-19 Protection Framework, Les Mills will be implementing a vaccination certification entry requirement. From Friday 3 December we will require members to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to entry to our clubs. 


What is My Vaccine Pass? 

My Vaccine Pass is the official Ministry of Health system that records your COVID-19 vaccination status. You can read more about it here.  


How will Les Mills record that I have a My Vaccine Pass? 

We have three easy ways for you to validate your vaccination status with us: 


  1. Do it now. You can scan the QR code on your My Vaccine Pass into our Les Mills app. Here’s how to do it This will automatically update your vaccination status into our membership database. To take up this option your first name, surname, and date of birth on your My Vaccine Pass will need to match your name in our membership database.  
  2. Do it soon. Want to avoid the rush and validate in person before this Friday? Do it anytime from now on at our open clubs, or, for our closed clubs come down during the hours we e-mailed you about (varies by club).  
  3. Do it when we’re open. Just show us your My Vaccine Pass when you come in for your first workout, we’ll validate it, and then you’ll be good to go.    


For each of these options we’ll ask your permission to keep your vaccination status on file, so we only need to validate it once as opposed to every time you visit the club.  


If you take up one of the ‘in advance’ options, when you arrive in club you will not be required to validate your My Vaccine Pass in person; you can just ‘swipe in’ as per usual.


What information will Les Mills hold about My Vaccine Pass? 

The only information we will keep is that we have validated your My Vaccine Pass and its expiry date. Any collection and keeping of vaccination status will be solely for the purpose of implementing this policy and will be held in accordance with our privacy policy.  


What if I received an official Ministry of Health interim exemption e-mail? 

We are currently awaiting further clarity from the Ministry of Health, but because the e-mail “is not official confirmation that you are fully vaccinated, and access to a particular setting is at the discretion of the business or organisation involved,” we are only accepting the Government-issued My Vaccine Passes currently. 


What does this mean for my membership agreement? 

We will be updating our General Terms (as incorporated into your membership agreement) to include a requirement for members to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to entry to our clubs. 


What if I don’t want to be vaccinated? 

If you do not wish to be vaccinated against COVID-19, you don’t have to give up your Les Mills membership. We can put you on Special COVID-19 Pause for up to six months including access to Les Mills at Home, for $3.50 per week. Please e-mail [email protected] if you’d like to take up this option. If you want to cancel your membership as a result of your choice to not be vaccinated against COVID-19, please contact us at [email protected]


Does Les Mills support getting vaccinated? 

Yes, we support the Government’s vaccination programme to protect yourself, your whānau and our community. If you’re looking for how to book your vaccination, BookMyVaccine is the place to start.  


Does Les Mills require its workers to be vaccinated? 

Yes, the Government has mandated that workers at gyms will need to be vaccinated as part of the COVID-19 Protection Framework. 


How is Les Mills supporting their workers if they want to get vaccinated? 

Where appropriate, we provide flexibility for Les Mills workers to get vaccinated during their work day.    


Where can I find out facts about the COVID-19 vaccine used in New Zealand? 

There has been much discussion about COVID-19 vaccines, and here is where you can get the facts including vaccine development, safety, effectiveness and approval in New Zealand – and what to do about false and misleading information and scams.   



What happens to my billing when the club reopens?   

When your club reopens under the COVID-19 Protection Framework your membership will automatically be restarted unless you were on a general Pause before we had the closure. Your first membership payment will be on your usual payment cycle (e.g. 1st of the month) but the amount may be different – please see below.  


How much will my first membership payment after re-opening be? 

Your first payment will occur on your usual payment cycle - but the amount may differ. This is how your first payment back will calculated: 

  1. The first thing we will do is credit you for the period closed that you had previously paid for (“credit”) 
  2. Then, we’ll apply an amount to cover the period from re-opening through to your usual payment cycle e.g. 1st of December (“part payment”) 
  3. Then your regular payment amount in advance, as per usual (“regular fee”) 

A quick way to figure it out is: Your Regular Fee plus Part Payment less Credit (3 + 2 - 1). After your first membership payment you will be back to normal payments.  


I’d like to put my membership on General Pause now - how can I do it? 

Once your club reopens and you still have a general Pause entitlement, you’ll be able go on Pause after the Special COVID-19 Pause ends. From when the club opens you can log-in to the Member Portal and click 'My Account', then 'Pause Options' to put your membership onto general Pause. *Please note: if you try to do this before the club opens you’ll get a “Membership is not Active” message – because you’re already on Pause.  


I’m currently doing the 10 Days for $10 trial. What happens with that? 

We put your 10 Days for $10 trial on Pause when the club closed and it will start again automatically when the club reopens. The good news for Aucklanders is that we’re giving you a fresh new 10 days on us, just to say thanks for sticking with us. 



What safety protocols and guidelines does Les Mills follow? 

We are following ExerciseNZ’s guidelines on best practice for keeping members safe at all times, which have been developed with both Sport New Zealand and Worksafe using the Ministry of Health’s protocols. 


What will Les Mills do to keep me safe? 

Everything we can. We will put in place extensive processes and protocols to ensure your safety: 

  • Physical distancing of at least 1m (in Red setting only) 
  • Up to 15 minutes between each class 
  • Sanitisation stations 
  • Further equipment cleaning 
  • Deep cleaning regime 
  • Perspex separators at Reception (in Red setting only) 
  • Mandatory towels 
  • Bringing own yoga mat, boxing wraps and gloves (in Red setting only) 
  • COVID-19 Conditions of Entry to the gym 
  • COVID-19 area-specific signage 
  • Some of our staff will be wearing masks (in Red setting only)


What hygiene etiquette does everyone have to follow? 

We ask that every member takes responsibility for their personal hygiene and also respects the space of others. In general this means washing / sanitising hands, covering coughs and sneezes, bringing your own towel and using it, and not sharing or touching anything that you don’t have to. 

In the Red setting, wearing a mask is encouraged except when exercising; where possible keep 1m distancing; and bring your own yoga mat / boxing wraps and gloves. 


Will you be doing extra cleaning? 

Yes, you will see more cleaning taking place during the day and at night we will continue doing our enhanced deep cleans throughout the club. We will also continue anti-viral fogging and ask that you wipe down equipment before and after use to help us keep equipment clean. 


Are there sanitising stations available? 

Yes, these are throughout the club and at Reception. The Ministry of Health also recommends you wash your hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds. 


Do I need to wear a mask in the gym? 

In the Red setting, wearing a mask is encouraged except when exercising. A mask is not required in the Orange setting. 


What about physical distancing?    

In the Red setting we ask that you please respect each other’s personal space, and try to keep 1m between each other. Some of our studios will also have dots on the floor to assist with spacing. In the Orange setting there are no minimum distancing requirements. 


Are there limits on class numbers? 

The class number limits in the Red setting are either based on 1m distancing calculations or 100 people (whichever is the lesser) per defined space. In the Orange setting there are no limits on class numbers. 


Are there Gym Floor limits at the Red level? 

Yes, in the Red setting the limits are either based on 1m distancing calculations or 100 people (whichever is the lesser) per defined space.   


What about your staff? 

Our staff have undergone training and will be abiding by any COVID-19 Protection Framework restrictions. In the Red setting you will notice some of our staff will be wearing masks and at Reception we will have Perspex barriers in place to protect your health and theirs.   



Once my club opens using the COVID-19 Protection Framework, do I need to do anything before coming to the gym? 

Yes, please read these Conditions of Entry and five COVID-19 Health Questions below. After that, by accessing the club each time you will be accepting the Conditions of Entry. 


What are the Conditions of Entry and COVID-19 Health Questions I need to answer to come back to the gym at Level 2? 

The Conditions of Entry are: 

  • Stay home if unwell 
  • You must have validated your My Vaccine Pass to gain access to our clubs 
  • Wearing a mask is encouraged (in the Red setting) at all times except when exercising 
  • Wash or sanitise hands before entering the club and when moving through different areas 
  • Scan your membership barcode (app or card) every time you enter club 
  • Bring and use a sweat towel every time you work out 
  • Wipe down equipment before and after use 
  • You must abide by any distancing requirements that apply   

COVID-19 Health Questions: 

  • You do not have any symptoms associated with COVID-19 (e.g. fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, sneezing/runny nose or loss of sense of smell) 
  • You are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 
  • You do not have COVID-19 nor are you awaiting the results from being tested for COVID-19 
  • You have not been in contact with any known or suspected cases of COVID-19 in the past 14 days 
  • You have not returned, or been in contact with anyone else who has returned, from overseas in the past 14 days 

When you scan your app or membership card coming into the club you’ll be confirming your agreement to these Conditions of Entry and COVID-19 Health Questions. You’ll also be confirming that you will abide by all Health & Safety procedures and protocols. 

Please note, the Ministry of Health warns that if you have an underlying health condition and/or are over 70, you may be at greater risk of COVID-19 becoming a severe illness, if contracted. If you do choose to attend the gym please ensure you follow all Ministry of Health guidelines in addition to these club conditions of entry.  


I’ve recovered from COVID-19 – can I came back to the gym? 

If you have been diagnosed as having COVID-19 and have recovered, we will require medical clearance for you as well as evidence of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You can then return to the gym as long as you follow all COVID-19 processes and protocols including personal hygiene expectations. 


Will I still need to bring a towel? 

Yes. No towel = no workout. This will be strictly policed, and you will be asked to leave if you have not brought your towel with you to use during your workout. 


What will I need to bring to the gym? 

Please bring your workout towel. In the Red setting, wearing a mask is encouraged except when exercising.  


Can I still bring a friend to the gym as a member privilege? 

Yes, definitely! Please let your friend know that they’ll need to present their My Vaccine Pass with photo ID on their first visit, and they’ll also need to agree to the COVID-19 Protection Framework Conditions of Entry (see above).  


I’m not a member yet – can I start a free trial with you?   

You are welcome to come in for a free trial! *Please be aware that on your first visit you will need to present your My Vaccine Pass with photo ID, and you’ll also need to agree to the COVID-19 Protection Framework Conditions of Entry (see above). We look forward to seeing you! 



Will the timetables be the same? 

We’re making sure that our timetables can manage the flow of people to and from studios and changing rooms, and give ourselves – and you – time to wipe down and clean equipment between classes. Please refer to the app or website for the latest timetable. 


Will I need to book every class I go to?   

No, you will not need to book every class – only those that are usually bookable. To be sure which is which, please check on the Les Mills App. The best way to ensure you get a spot in your favourite non-bookable class is to come early as it’s a first-come, first-served basis. 


Will I be able to get into the classes I want?   

With the Government restrictions in place you may not be able to get into every class you want to. It’ll be best to book / arrive early to secure a spot. It’s also the ideal time to try something new if you’re unable to do your usual workout. 


Are you providing stretching mats, swiss balls and rollers? 

Yes, these are still available – please clean them before and after use to keep everyone safe. 


Are you providing boxing gloves? 

No. To minimise sharing of equipment we will not be providing boxing gloves. Please bring your own. 


Will water fountains be back on? 

Yes, these will be back on again. 


Will saunas be back on? 

Most clubs will have their saunas back on; please check at Reception. 


What about Changing Rooms? 

Here’s the thing – Changing Rooms will be open, but the less you can use them the better. If you can come dressed in your gear all ready to workout it’ll mean that you’ll get in and out of the club quicker, have less interaction with others, and won’t have to worry about limits in the changing rooms due to physical distancing. Showers at home after your workouts get the big tick! Vanity benches will have limited people at them due to physical distancing, but washing hands is OK as long as you’re physically distant from the next person. Please respect the space of your fellow gym-goers and be kind. 


When is the best time to come to the gym?   

Everyone has different times they can make it in, but you might like to consider coming when it’s less busy. Checkout this nifty little graph of average attendance of every club by every day by every hour, to figure out when works best for you. 


Can I still bring friends as a Member Privilege? 

In the Red level of the COVID-19 Protection Framework we’re limited by both class numbers and physical distancing restrictions in the club. That means that we can’t guarantee that your friend can work out with you. Do ask though - and if we can’t let them in due to capacity we’ll make sure we set them up for a free trial when we’re at the Orange or Green levels. Please note that any guests will still need to sign our contact tracing register and agree to our Conditions of Entry and answer the four COVID-19 Health questions.   


How will you let people know about the any restrictions? 

Even before you enter the club you will see COVID-19 signage. Physical distance spacing will be marked out in all studios and there will be floor markings, banners, digi-screens and poster reminders throughout the club. Sanitisation stations will also be marked. We will also inform you via e-mail, our app notifications and this website. 

Les Mills at Home

What Les Mills workouts can I do at home? 

Good news! On the back of our popular at home workouts during Lockdown, we’ve created a new, more permanent version of Les Mills at Home. The new Les Mills at Home features over 150 workouts, all available through the member portal, and all part of your Les Mills membership – at no extra cost to you. Click here to login or check out our Les Mills at Home FAQs to find out more.


Are your classes still free to air on TVNZ? 

They are indeed! Every weekday at 10am on TVNZ Two you can get your Les Mills fix free-to-air, as well as on TVNZ On Demand. We’re got Les Mills CORE®, Les Mills BODYATTACK®, Les Mills BODYBALANCE®, Les Mills BODYCOMBAT® and Les Mills GRIT® Cardio. Check out - including Les Mills BORN TO MOVE that you can do with the kids during lockdown. 


I already subscribe to LES MILLS+ (previously Les Mills on Demand) – will that still work during lockdown? 

Yes, your LES MILLS+ subscription will carry on, separate to anything that happens in the physical clubs. 

Contact Tracing

How will you do contact tracing  if required?  

All clubs have COVID-19 QR codes displayed at entry and outside studios for members to scan in using official NZ COVID Tracer app. This scanning is used to assist the Ministry of Health with any contact tracing. Also, we will use your check-in access as well as bookable classes to trace when you have entered the club. We will know all members who have accessed a club or a bookable class between cleaning periods or on certain days and be able to trace should it be required by the Ministry of Health.  


Do I have to scan COVID-19 QR codes? 

On 22 August 2021 the Government announced that mandatory record keeping is being introduced for busy places and large gatherings to ensure the Government can contact trace quickly. Places where records are already kept and people are already required to sign in, like gyms and some workplaces, won’t need to adjust what they are already doing. We recommend you continue to scan into the gym and studios using the COVID-19 Tracer App, as well as access the gym by swiping your barcode. 


Why are there COVID-19 QR codes outside the studios as well as in gym entrances?  

Last year we introduced QR codes for each of our studios to help with contact tracing should it be required by the Ministry of Health. Like the entry QR codes at reception, the information gathered by the Ministry of Health is used to make contact and advise any possible actions should there be a case of COVID-19. Les Mills does not have access to the information.