52-70 Taranaki St, Wellington

Extreme Refurbishment

  • Brand new Weights Area now open on Level 3
  • Level 2 areas are temporarily closed as we begin construction
  • The Cycle Studio has been temporarily moved to Level 1
  • BRAND NEW Studio 1 is now open on Level 4
  • BRAND NEW Functional Lifting space is now open on Level 1
  • BRAND NEW Boxing Studio is now open on Level 1
  • Women’s Gym is being used temporarily as a mixed cardio area
  • Café seating reduced from 17 August due to strengthening works, cafe will still be open

Les Mills Extreme is about to go through a major refurbishment!

It’s all about increasing the amount of space we dedicate to working out – that means much better, and bigger, studios and workout areas. While we’re at it, we’re also undertaking earthquake strengthening, which will ensure our building will continue to stand up to the test of time (and Wellington’s shaky ground). 

Once works are complete, we’ll be re-launching as Les Mills Taranaki Street.

We’re itching to get started! Building works kick off in March 2018 and we expect it to take about 12 months to complete. We're going to do it in stages for minimal disruption to our members, and as health and safety is our number one priority, it means that at times there will be areas which are off limits while they're being worked on.

Recent updates

Update 24 September

The newly refurbished weights area on Level 3 is now open. We have temporarily closed all spaces on Level 2 and construction has commenced. The Cycle Studio has moved into Studio 3 on Level 1 while this work takes place. Check back for further updates as we progress!

Past updates

Update 13 September

Great news – you’re getting your Level 3 back earlier! On Friday, 14 September from lunch time we will start to dismantle Studio 3 and move equipment up to Level 3. We apologise in advance that your training may be disrupted that afternoon/evening. 


Update 16 August 2018

As you know we’re busy working away on making your club better for you.

Access to Studio 2 (from Monday 20 - Sunday 26 August) will be through the functional training area only. Please slow down when walking through the area and wait in the Studio 2 waiting area, not the access way.

Virtual classes will also be unavailable from 20 - 26 August but we’ve got such a wide range of classes, maybe it’s a good chance to try something new?


Update 13 August 2018

Strengthening works are hitting the ground floor which means we need to reduce the café seating area while we get this done. The café is still open though – we would never take coffee or protein shakes away from you!

This kicks off on the 17 August.


Update 23 July 2018

Studio 1 is now open! Check out our brand new Group Fitness Space on Level 4. Plus, do any live class in the new Studio 1 between 23 July and 3 August and you could win a month free on your membership. Click here for more info.

Level 3 is now closed for seismic strengthening, but don’t worry, we’ve relocated your fave equipment down to Studio 3 on Level 1. We should have Level 3 back open early September.

There will be a crane in the carpark on Wednesday 25 July shifting seismic steel into Level 3. Traffic and pedestrian management will be in place and some carparks will be cordoned off. Please do not shift cones to park here as the council will be towing any parked vehicles.


Extreme Refurbishment FAQ

  1. Why the upgrade?

    Over the next 12 months the club will be undergoing a major refurbishment to increase the amount of space we dedicate to working out. That means better studios and workout areas, and much more of it. While we're at it, we're adding additional structural steel throughout the club to ensure we remain ahead of the game so that the building continues to stand the test of time.

  2. What? Where is this club?

    Don't worry - it's what Les Mills Extreme will soon be called. When we've finished the club it will be relaunched as the new "Les Mills Taranaki St".

  3. So, what will we end up with?

    A major change! A new Group Fitness studio, a new Functional Lifting area, a new Boxing Studio, a new Immersive Chain Studio, a new Functional Athletic area, an updated Women's Gym, more equipment on the gym floor and more room for working out. Plus, the club will be getting a design makeover.

  4. Does that mean an increase in fees?

    No, not at all. Everything else will remain the same when it comes to you and your membership agreement. We're simply changing the name of the club to better reflect where it's located.

  5. When will it all happen?

    The works will kick off in March this year and the majority of it will take place over the next 12 months.

  6. Will there be as much room after the upgrade?

    Yes, in fact there'll be even more room. With the redesign we'll be converting several offices and storage spaces into workout spaces.

  7. What’s happening with the cycle studio?

    The current RPM® Studio will move to a new dedicated room where the current Cardio Theatre is. It will become a Chain Studio with our latest Immersive cycling programme - The Trip - as well as virtual classes and of course Les Mills Sprint and RPM®.

  8. What’s happening with the boxing ring?

    We're building a new dedicated Boxing Studio with specialty equipment for both boxing and other martial arts disciplines. This will effectively replace the Boxing Ring.

  9. Will there be any changes to the changing rooms?

    There will be some minor work to the entrance of the female changing rooms but nothing too disruptive.

  10. Will there be any changes to equipment at all?

    Yes, some of the older equipment on Level 3 will be replaced with new gear, that works out the same parts of your body but is much more modern and reliable. 

  11. Will the entire club be closed at any point?

    No, we'll be taking it in stages without the need to close the entire club. As we go along we'll keep you informed if any gear might not be available due to construction constraints.

  12. Will there be changes to the timetable?

    During the upgrade there will be some disruption to the timetable but we'll try to keep that to a minimum. Once the works have finished there'll be more classes more often - including additional 30min and 45min classes, virtual classes and more boxing classes in the new Boxing Studio.

  13. Is it safe to work out on a building site?

    Health & Safety is our #1 priority, so our staff and construction contractors will ensure that steps are in place to separate building activity safely from workout and access areas.

  14. What’s happening with Proactive?

    Proactive are next door on Taranaki St and will continue to use our facilities as they currently do.

  15. Where can I be kept up to date?

    The best place to check will be Facebook, our website and our digi-screens in club. Make sure you're on our e-mail list and that you've allowed notifications on the Les Mills app so you can get the latest alerts.

  16. Will there be air conditioning in the new Cycle Studio?

    Yes, there certainly will.

  17. When will the new cycle studio open?

    The exact date is yet to be confirmed - construction is never a set thing - but we're aiming for September / October this year.

  18. What new classes are we getting?

    Firstly, the immersive cycle programme THE TRIP™, where you and the instructor face the screen and follow a course of twists, turns, flats and climbs. We're also getting Les Mills Virtual cycle classes. What that means is a better timetable with more cycle class options to choose from more often.

  19. What will the new cycle studio look like?

    The detailed design is still to be finalised, however, it will have the feel of a theatre with a massive screen to show THE TRIP™ and Virtual cycle classes, 63 bikes, an amazing sound system and a totally immersive atmosphere.

  20. Where can I find out more about THE TRIP™?

    Click here for more information about THE TRIP™.

  21. Will I still be able to use my cycle shoes?

    Yes, absolutely! The cleats on your cycle shoes will still work.