269 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket

Newmarket expansion

  • Brand new functional athletic area now open

Les Mills Newmarket has expanded!

We have expanded across the building next door. It’s all about increasing the amount of space we dedicate to working out – that means much better, bigger areas to workout and stretch.

Recent Updates

Update 10 December

Your new Functional Athletic Area is now open. The extra space for you to train and stretch is ready for you to enjoy.

We have boxings bags, battles ropes, Assault air bikes, skiergs, air runner, turf track, sled, daps, kettlebells and more.

The stretch area also has yoga mats, foam rollers and a stretching bar. Make sure you check it out today.


Update 19 September

As of Monday, 1 October construction will begin with regards to creating your new Functional Athletic Area inclusive of a turf sprint track, sled, battle ropes and much more.

  1. Why the expansion?

    We have simply observed that our members and trainers need more floor space, so we're giving you some! We are creating an additional spacious area where you have the freedom to stretch and workout in as you please. We’re calling it the ‘Functional Athletic Area’.

  2. Hang on – where is this happening?

    The 184sqm area will be located at the top of the main stairs, along from the men’s and women’s bathrooms, through the doorway where you currently go to visit The Corrective Clinic in the building next door.

  3. So what will we end up with and what equipment will there be?

    The Functional Athletic Area will include a turf track, stretching space including a ballet bar plus equipment such as battle ropes, kettle bells, boxing bags, assault air bikes, air runner, skiergs and DAPs.

  4. Does this mean an increase in fees?

    No of course not! You can enjoy this space as part of your current Les Mills Membership.

  5. When is this happening?

    Construction started in October and has opened as of Monday 10 December.

  6. Will there be any classes in this area?

    No there will not be any Group Fitness classes held in this area. This is an open area for you to use by yourself, with your friends or with our Personal Trainers.

  7. Will the Club be closed during at any point?

    Not at all, one of the great things about this new area being constructed in the building next door is that your current workout experience won’t be interrupted.

  8. Where can I be kept up to date?

    You can keep up to date by visiting Newmarket’s local club page via and our club Facebook via