New Lynn

2-4 Rankin Ave, New Lynn

Kids Club

Welcome to Les Mills Kids Club New Lynn. We offer children and families a safe, stimulating and caring learning environment, where children are valued as unique individuals.


We are trained educators who recognise that children learn best through play or interaction as well as individual exploration. As educators, we work hard to ensure that expectations for children are consistent, and that opportunities to learn are not limited by age, gender, ethnicity, ability or background.


We follow Te Whariki - the national early childhood curriculum, which focuses on ensuring that children enjoy a sense of well-being and belonging, and have opportunities to explore, communicate and contribute. We value open-communication with parents and families and the diversity of our community. We are committed to our on-going learning so that children might reach their potential in all areas of development.


At Les Mills Kids Club New Lynn, children will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop self-confidence, and self-esteem
  • Interact with other male and female children, and develop social skills
  • Work within acceptable limits and boundaries
  • Make decisions for themselves and become increasingly independent
  • Acknowledge and value differences in one-another
  • Practice problem solving skills
  • Express themselves creatively
  • Extend thinking and language skills
  • Look after themselves, each other and the environment
  • Develop physical skills (gross and fine motor skills)
  • Enjoy learning and have fun

Staff/Children Ratio

We are happy to answer any specific questions you may have. We work hard to provide your child with a caring, stimulating and educational environment. Our staff are qualified to care for and supervise your child within the following ratios:

Under 2 years of age - 1 Adult to 5 children
Over 2 years of age - 1 Adult to the first 8 children, then 2 adults for up to 30 children aged over 2.

Our total numbers in each session is 15 under 2 years of age, and 15 over 2 years of age.

Age range
We take children from the age of four weeks (with a letter from you GP) up to the age of 5. We have a separate safe 'fenced in' area for babies and please bring your own buggy, car seat and linen if you would like your baby to sleep with us.



An enrolment card needs to be completed before a booking can be created, or on your first visit to Kids Club. Staff will also ask to view the immunisation records of your child, although we do accept children who are not immunised and treat all information as confidential.

If you wish to get started and book immediately, please contact reception and an induction and enrolment will be covered on your first visit.

Please notify staff if you change address or phone numbers. Please also record your visits in our daily register. It is important you record all details required, and sign in and out at each visit.

Opening hours and fees

Mon - Fri: 9.00am - 11.30am
Closed public holidays and 4 weeks during the Christmas break (see a staff member for dates).

Please note:  The Ministry of Education governs two hour session times only, which are not able to be relaxed or modified, so please ensure your child is picked up within the two-hour session.

Prices per 2 hour session are as follows: 
$8 per casual visit per child
$70 for 10 casual visits concession card per child


Time limit

As we are a Sessional Centre we have a maximum session time at the Kids Club of two hours. Please make sure you return to pick up your child with in this limit. Please note that the regulations are set by the Ministry of Education and cannot be relaxed for anyone, as our license would be threatened.

Booking and cancellations

It is essential that you book your child into the Kids Club. Booking ahead also means paying ahead, at least 2 hrs before the session. You may do this in person during Kids Club hours or through Reception. You may book 3 sessions up to 5 days ahead.

Booked appointment cancellations can be made up to two hours prior to the session and can be made at reception and at the Kids Club during session times Please note, because we have a waitlist for sessions, any absentees or cancellations less than two hours prior to the session, will still require payment.