New Lynn

2-4 Rankin Ave, New Lynn

Kids Club

At Les Mills Kids Club we offer children and families a relaxed, positive, fun environment that promotes a sense of well-being and belonging and where children are valued as unique individuals.
As educators, we work hard to ensure that expectations for children are consistent and that opportunities to explore, communicate and contribute are not limited by age, gender, ethnicity, ability or background.
We value open communication with parents, family and whanau and encourage their involvement as we strive to provide a “home away from home” environment.


Guiding Principles


Management and educators of licensed early childhood services, in partnership with parents / guardians and whanau, will promote and extend the learning and development of each child attending or receiving the service, through the provision of quality early childhood education and care.
Educators at Les Mills Kids Club will develop and implement curriculum which assists all children to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators.

Opening hours and fees

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 11.30am.
Closed public holidays and 4 weeks during the Christmas break.

Fees per 2-hour session

All sessions                     $8 per child
10 visit concession card    $70 per child


At Les Mills Kids Club New Lynn, children will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop self-confidence, and self-esteem
  • Interact with other male and female children, and develop social skills
  • Work within acceptable limits and boundaries
  • Make decisions for themselves and become increasingly independent
  • Acknowledge and value differences in one-another
  • Practice problem solving skills
  • Express themselves creatively
  • Extend thinking and language skills
  • Look after themselves, each other and the environment
  • Develop physical skills (gross and fine motor skills)
  • Enjoy learning and have fun


You are required to fill out an enrolment form before or on your first visit to Kids Club. Staff will ask to sight the Immunisation Record for your child, although we do welcome children who are not immunised. This information is confidential. Please notify reception if you change your address or phone numbers. Please record your visit by signing in and out on the daily register which is situated near the entrance to Kids Club. It is important to record all details required in the register.

Time limit

We are a sessional centre with a maximum session time at Kids Club of 2 hours. Please make sure you return to pick up your child within this time limit. Please note that the regulations are set by the Ministry of Education and cannot be relaxed for anyone, as our license would be threatened.

Children’s Requirements & Daily Routines

Please dress your child in clothes in which they can comfortably explore their environment and learn through play – clothes that can get paint or water on. During a session your child will generally experience a mat time with stories and music, group activities, a range of art activities as well as have access to equipment which encourages imaginary play, gross motor skill development and social interactions. Please provide a change of clothing for your child. Please name your child’s items clearly. Staff make regular nappy checks, but unless your child is obviously wet or dirty or you have stated otherwise, staff will not change your child’s nappy. If your child is aged under 2 please record any specific requirements for them on the whiteboard provided in the under 2 area. If your child is toilet training, please inform a staff member of their toileting needs. Please provide a named healthy snack. 

Booking and cancellations

It is essential that you pre-book you child into Kids Club. Booking ahead also means paying ahead; therefore, you will need to pre-purchase Kids Club credits. You may do this through reception during gym hours.


Cancellations are only permitted if there is an unforeseen circumstance, i.e. an illness or accident. Parents must contact reception before 8.30am on the day the child is booked in, otherwise the session charge will still apply.


Please do not bring your child to Kids Club if they are unwell as their illness can affect not only the other children but our staff as well. Staff have the right to refuse admission if they suspect your child is unwell.

Evacuation Procedure

Please note our procedure which is displayed by the entrance to Kids Club. Please do not attempt to return to the Kids Club after the alarm has sounded. After you have evacuated we will meet you in the carpark in front of reception. In the event of an earthquake, staff will assist children to drop, cover and hold and attempt to keep children calm, begin any first aid required and wait for help to arrive. Do not try to reach your child unless it is safe.