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Barefeet? Jandals + activewear? It’s a no from us.

Jandals are great for the beach, bare feet are great for at home. Covered shoes are ESSENTIAL for the gym.

The Hits Hayley Bath

Les Mills teams up with Hayley Bath from The Hits Wellington

Can Les Mills help get this over-eating, cheese fanatic, chocolate loving radio announcer out of the studio and into the gym?

10 workout

10 Gym Workouts to Train for Round the Bays

We asked our resident run guru and Personal Trainer, William Tokona, to give us his list of 10 things you can do in the gym in the build-up to Cigna RTB18.


Ooops, should I have done my pelvic floor exercises?

Is it too late to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles 7 years after having children?

Breakfast (Time food)

Les Mills Lambton Quay 6 Week Challenge

Four teams, 100 challengers, all competing for the Les Mills Lambton 6 Week Challenge title.

Health Background (Two)

If you exercise all week is it OK to veg out on the weekends?

When we 'Netflex and chill' does it really take a toll on our health?


Forget balance - focus on making work and life a success

How do we reclaim the work/life balance when it's impossible to separate the two?

Get your genes tested to find out how fit you could be

Our DNA has a lot to answer for, but does it really determine the future of our health?


LMFM is Music That Moves You

LMFM is here. And we've partnered with Spotify with tunes on-the-go. For all the people who have an eye twitch when Sorry plays for the 20th time that day. This is for you. You're welcome. No more. Is it too late to say I'm sorry?

Breakfast (Time food)

Top 5 Wellington Wellness Hotspots

We’ve got you covered when it comes to wellness in Wellington. Check out our favourite hotspots for fueling your body and mind around the city.


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