Parking Tips

So you spend less time parking and more time working out

We have some new carpark options now available with the introduction of T2 and Express priority parking.

What does all this mean? Well, it means that there will be 8 dedicated carparks right at the entrance for T2 or Express park users.

  • T2 parks are for members with 2 or more people in one car
  • Express 45min parks are for members that are in for a quick workout

These parks will be clearly marked so there is no confusion, but if you have more questions make sure to check out our FAQ's here.

For those who travel by themselves, don't worry.  There are still plenty of options with parking on site, as well as on-street options and the use of Auckland Christian Mandarin Salvation Church within selected times.

For full parking options and a detailed map, click here.

If you have more questions please do ask at Reception.



Car Parking

We have some tips and tricks for you when it comes to finding a park, so you can spend more time working out.

For parking tips and information for where to park at Les Mills Howick click here...