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web Phil Te tana

PHIL TE TANA - PT Workout of the Month

Do you want to know how to get stronger on a bike to climb better, ride longer or faster?



There's new carpet coming for Studio One!

Ben Main

Father's Day T&C's

The promotional period is 14/08/17 - 03/09/17. One entry per transaction.…

Web pancakes

Winter Warmer Recipes

Warm up with these recipes from our friends at OneSupps to get a delicious protein fix!

Kello WOM

KELLY HENBERY - PT Workout of the Month

Try out this full body Kettlebell workout to increase your cardio, strength and flexibility all in one!

web max

MAX SYMES - PT Workout of the Month

If you’re looking to increase strength, achieve better performance and have that lean athletic body you’ve always wanted, then this workout is for you!

RR tile

Perks of being a Les Mills Road Runner

If you are considering upping your running training this year- look no further than the Les Mills Road Runners.

Sami Web

SAMI WILLIAMS - Workout of the Month

Try this HIIT session to boost your metabolism and get the most out of your workout!


What we're listening to...

Need some music Motivation? Here's some tunes that are getting the Les Mills Dunedin Staff pumped for their workouts.


TIFFANY MAYOS - Workout of the Month

Our newest member of the Les Mills Personal Training team (but a very familiar face around the club) kicks us off with her go-to booty workout!


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