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GRIT 2015

More Virtuals, More often

Great news! LES MILLS® Virtual now offers more classes, more often in Studio 2. This means more of the HIIT sessions you love, more class times, and more room to get your sweat on.

Free Cycle- National Dion

Free cycle

From November 1st 2018, all Les Mills cycle classes will be included in your Les Mills membership at all Les Mills clubs.


Barefeet? Jandals + activewear? It’s a no from us.

Jandals are great for the beach, bare feet are great for at home. Covered shoes are ESSENTIAL for the gym.


LMFM is Music That Moves You

LMFM is here. And we've partnered with Spotify with tunes on-the-go. For all the people who have an eye twitch when Sorry plays for the 20th time that day. This is for you. You're welcome. No more. Is it too late to say I'm sorry?

The Best Way To Whittle Down Your Waistline

The best way to whittle down your waistline

A flat stomach can play hard to get for both genders. It’s a soft spot that can be one of the hardest to tone up, but recent research highlights one method that works better than most.

fill their lunchbox

We are getting behind a great cause, want to join us?

Fill their lunchbox, fuelling school children’s bellies and mind with the right kind of food


WiFight it!

Les Mills Christchurch now has wifi!


Be rewarded for working out!

Earn up to $125 in Les Mills Fitness Rewards every year just for working up a sweat.


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