Auckland City

186 Victoria Street, Auckland CBD


As at 14 March 2020

Please note that these Club Rules form part of your Les Mills Membership Agreement.

Rules specific to each club may be displayed on notices or at reception. They form part of these club rules and may be changed without notice.


Health and Safety

  • You must follow Club Health and Safety instructions and requests from Les Mills staff at all times, otherwise you will be asked to leave the premises
  • Wear gear that’s appropriate and comfortable to exercise in – no jeans, bare chests or bikinis. Please don’t wear anything offensive or intimidating to others
  • Wear appropriate sports footwear. No open-toe footwear. Bare feet only in classes that require it
  • Please keep bags off the gym floor and don’t bring your bags to class. Leave all your gear in the lockers provided
  • Towels are compulsory in workout areas. If you’ve forgotten your towel, you can hire or buy one at reception
  • You are expected to clean up after yourself and wipe down all equipment after use
  • Please don’t come here under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Anyone who does will be asked to leave immediately and may have their membership terminated
  • You are not permitted to train or coach others in our clubs, whether there is any form of payment or not

Your personal belongings

  • It’s up to you to keep your belongings safe
  • Please leave your gear in the lockers and use a padlock. Take your gear home every night as lockers are cleared every night

Photography in Club

  • Don’t photograph or video anyone on club premises without the express prior consent of the club manager and of every single person who may be in the images, whether staff, PTs or members
  • Don’t post online, broadcast, stream or publish any photo which contains an image of any person other than you or someone who has given you permission to post this image
  • If you want to use any photo taken on club premises for commercial purposes, you must get written permission from Les Mills National Office
  • Strictly no photos or videos in the changing rooms

Sauna and Pool

  • No phones are allowed in the Sauna or Pool Area
  • Please be modest, you must use a towel or wear swimwear
  • Do not shave or use body products in the sauna or pool
  • Please shower before using the sauna

The heavy stuff

  • Don’t bring illegal or banned performance-enhancing substances of any kind on or around club premises
  • Don’t carry out (or attempt to carry out) any illegal activity in or near our clubs
  • Don’t behave inappropriately or offensively, particularly in the changing rooms
  • Don’t use abusive language or harass, insult or threaten anyone (staff or members). We will terminate the membership of anyone who causes other members or staff genuine concern about their safety inside or outside the club (that includes emails, texts, phone calls or correspondence)
  • Don’t solicit members or carry out any business within the club. This includes contacting members or staff by email for business purposes without their consent
  • Don’t promote products or services of any kind on Les Mills property without the permission of the club manager


  • Minimum age for membership is 15 years
  • Children under 15 aren’t permitted in workout areas or studios unless attending a Les Mills supervised children’s exercise programme. You must supervise your kids elsewhere in the club at all times
  • Children under 15 are not permitted in changing areas at all times

Complaints process

  • If you have any concerns or complaints about a service, a staff member or facility, please speak to reception and we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate manager
  • We may ask you to put your complaint in writing