H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)

We are excited to invite you to come along and experience AMP30 a new 30 minute Group Training class.

AMP30 is:
  •     Fast
  •     Furious
  •     High intensity
  •     Time efficient
  •     Affordable

AMP30 has been designed by Les Mills Auckland City Personal Trainers especially for our members! The classes offer variety through different forms of training and are delivered to a small group under the expertise of a Les Mills Personal Trainer.

Class size is limited to ensure each participant receives the right amount of attention. This class is designed to push you and provides benchmarks for tracking success. It is best suited to those who have ,experienced some form of weight or circuit based training. Although you are in a group, your biggest competitor will be yourself. Push your training limits to the next level and reach success sooner!


Wednesday 7.15am & 1.15pm in the GRIT room

Classes are capped at 20 people -bookings and payments at reception. Only $7 per class or 10 concession card for $50

Classes are getting more and more popular so we are looking to add another class each week, stay tuned!

For further information please email

Training Benefits

  • AMP30 is a high intensity, short burst interval programme which delivers maximum results in 30 minutes.
  • AMP30 will help develop and improve your strength, power and speed with high muscle activation to break through routines
  • AMP30 is energy demanding, explosive with total body movements for accelerated fat loss, increase active lean muscle mass which will increase your metabolic rate
  • AMP30 will improve your functional power, core strength, activation and overall functional muscle strength and tone
  • AMP30 will help you learn and perfect technically advanced dynamic movements to keep your body challenged and continue to get results
  • AMP30 is working out with a small team of like-minded members

Come and challenge yourself by doing AMP30 which has the most advanced dynamic movement training, exercises and lifting techniques which produce big gains in functional strength, power and function. This is not just for the boys! AMP30 brings a variety of intro circuit and strength classes making this advanced training accessible for everyone. Be trained by the best to become the best!


Sled Track & Sled, Battleropes, Kettlebells, Plyometric soft boxes, Boxing bags, Dumbbells, TRX Suspension Trainers, RIP Rotational Trainers, Watt Bikes, ViPRS, Sledgehammers, Concept2 rowers, Barbells, Ankor harness Training, Medicine Balls, Slam Balls, Monkey Bars, Assault Bike, Sand Power Bags.