Auckland City

Roof Works



Is it safe to work out while the redevelopment works are happening?

Yes, Health & Safety is our #1 consideration, so we have precautions in place to ensure that you can still work out safely on the gym floor below.

What Health & Safety precautions are being put in place?

All of the work will be taking place outside of the building. What you will notice inside the Club is safety netting, debris netting, and plastic sheeting installed under each of the trusses. We will also be erecting tenting over each of the sawtooth window bays, as well as diverting the existing gutters during these works.

What sort of material will the replacement be?

The materials will be a mix of locally manufactured aluminium joinery and gutters, and polycarbonate panels.

What’s happening?

The glazing and gutters of our ‘sawtooth’ roof are being replaced to stop the leaks that occur when deluges of rain hit Auckland. As well as addressing the weathertightness issue, the new refurbished roof will allow more natural light into the building as part of our ongoing refurbishment programme.

When’s it all happening?

Construction on the $350,000 project will start late April and is expected to be completed by mid-June, all going well and subject to weather of course.

Where can I be kept up to date?

The best place to check will be Facebook, our website and our DigiScreens in club. Make sure you’re on our e-mail list and that you’ve allowed notifications on the Les Mills app so you can also get the latest alerts.

Will the gym floor be closed at any point?

We don’t expect any disruption to the gym floor throughout during the period, and you will be able to use equipment as per usual. However, if any structural repairs are found to be necessary once work has commenced we may erect a partial protective internal hoarding if required.