Auckland City Carpark Renovation

Next month work starts on a new multi-level carpark on the Wellesley St side of the gym. Here are answers to what you might want to know...

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So what’s the story?

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Our Auckland City has been around since 1975 and we know we can make the club, bigger, brighter and better for you. This year will see the beginning of major renovations, starting with the building of a new multi-storey 333 carpark building where our Wellesley St carpark is.

Why is the carpark development first?

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We know that convenience is king and easy car parking is important. Unfortunately we won't be able to use our neighbours' carparks forever so we've decided to build our own. When finished, it'll mean no more walking across the road from Sale St.

What will the new carpark look like?

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Just because it's going to be a car park doesn't mean it has to be ugly. Check out the artists' impression here >


When will the new multi-level carpark open?

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All going well the new Wellesley St car park will open at the beginning of 2019.

How will I get to the gym from the Wellesley St side?

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With the closing of the back stairwell, the easiest way to access the gym will be via Victoria St West.

Where shall I park instead?

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Check out the "Top Parking Tips" on the website and at Reception. The free 300+ Sale St carparks will remain open throughout construction of the new carpark. The car parking map on the website and available from Reception shows all the parking options in the area.   

Where can I be kept up to date on what’s happening?

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You can follow Les Mills Auckland City on Facebook, keep an eye out for in-gym posters and updates; and set up the Les Mills app to allow notifications.

Why did I receive a parking ticket?

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You would have received a ticket for parking over the allocated 90mins, parking in the Blue Zone when not attending Kids Club, not attending the Gym when parking on site or not display your Warrant of Fitness Sticker correctly.

What do I do if I receive a parking ticket?

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You need to contact Tournament Parking's company NZCMS. You will need to head to the website to query your ticket.