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Les Mills prides itself on being a leader in sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices, which is why we build eco-friendly award-winning gyms and offices, and train staff and members to Re-Think the way their actions impact upon the environment.

Re-Think is Les Mills’ way of being green. We pride ourselves on being committed to creating a fitter planet, but we are also committed to creating a greener planet.

Every year we spend a considerable amount of time tracking our carbon footprint and setting in place strategies to reduce it. We know we will always have an impact on the environment because we need to turn on the lights and provide water for showers, among other things, but our ultimate goal is to reduce the effects of our actions as much as possible. By doing this, we can achieve a better, more sustainable and healthier way of living.

Our Initiatives Include...

  • 100% renewable CarboNZero certified electricity
  • Recycling
  • Eco-friendly products and suppliers
  • LED lighting and smart lighting controls
  • Low flow shower heads
  • Plants
  • Solar hot water heating
  • EV charging stations


NOTE: Re-Think initiatives differ between the Les Mills clubs.