Les Mills prides itself on being a leader in sustainable and environmentally friendly business. Seeing us build eco-friendly award winning gyms and offices as well as training staff and members to Re-Think their energy and impact on the environment.

Re-Think is Les Mills' way of being green. We pride ourselves on being committed to creating a fitter planet, but did you know that Les Mills is also committed to creating a greener planet?

We spend a considerable amount of time every year tracking our carbon footprint and setting about ways to reduce it. We know we will always have an impact on the environment because we need to turn on the lights and provide water for your showers, but our ultimate goal is to get this as low as possible so we can get back to a better, more sustainable, healthier way of living.

In the past few years Les Mills has embarked on a number of sustainable initiatives and projects in our clubs called Re-Think.   See the below list for just some of the cool stuff we've been up to.

Our Re-Think initiatives include...

Recycling stations to reuse rubbish, composting of all organic matter & papertowels,  recycling all printer toner cartridges and appropriate disposal of all light bulbs.
Choosing environmentally friendly cleaning products.
Low-flow shower heads, taps and dual flushing toilets to save water.
Energy efficient lighting and motion sensor switches to ensure lights are only on when needed.
Efficient air conditioning systems to reduce electricity use and double glazing to ensure its cool in summer and warm in winter.
Solar hot water heating to save energy and super-efficient hot water boiler systems to reduce gas
Marketing material made from 9 lives paper and a reduction of paper through online timetables.
Underlay and gym flooring made from recycled car tyres.
Plants to give us fresh air.

Providing members with access to information on public transport options; routes and timetables. Journey planners can be accessed via the individual club pages on our website.

NOTE: Re-Think initatives differ between the Les Mills clubs. 

ISO 14064-1:2006

Since 2010 we have had annual external audits to measure and account for our carbon emissions against ISO 14064-1:2006, the recognised global standard that specifies accreditation requirements for organisations to validate greenhouse gas emissions assertions or claims.

Sustainable Business Network

Les Mills is a member of this fantastic network of businesses committed to applying sustainability principles.